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#60 fixed String variable with whitespaces are incorrectly parsed rlacroix rlacroix

How to reproduce:

   <file_definition type="multiple_file" par_access="collective" output_freq="6h" output_level="10" enabled=".TRUE.">
     <file id="output" name="output"> 
        <field field_ref="field_A" />
        <variable id="my_attribute1" type="string">surf_att</variable>
        <variable id="my_attribute2" type="string">I love whitespaces</variable>

Using this configuration file will result in the following NetCDF output:

// global attributes:
		:name = "output" ;
		:description = "Created by xios" ;
		:my_attribute1 = "surf_att" ;
		:my_attribute2 = "I" ;

Expected result would be :my_attribute2 = "I love whitespaces" ;

#67 fixed Add bounds for vertical axis rlacroix ymipsl

Add an optionnal attribute for vertical axis named "bounds" of double array. The dimensions must be [n][2] where n is the size of the axis. If this attribute is present, the bounds must be writen in the nectdf file. For example : If the name of the verical axis is "presniv" : we must have in the file: dimensions:

presnivs = 64 ; presnivs_nbounds=2 ; float presnivs(presnivs) ;

presnivs:units = "Pa" ; presnivs: bounds = "presnivs_bounds"


float presnivs_bounds(presnivs,presnivs_nbounds) ;

This must be also reported into XIOS-2.0

#68 fixed Add area attribute for domain rlacroix ymipsl

Create a new optional "area" attribute for domain. It must be a double array with the dimension of the numbers of cell of the domain (ie same dimensionnality of the domain mask attribute).

If present, it must be writen in the netcdf file according to the CF convention :

A new variable must be created related to the name of the domain similarely to the lon or lat coordinate (ie a simplified name when a single horizontal domain is included) array that contains the area of the cell :

[ float areas(cell) or float areas(x,y) or float areas_grid_T(x,y) ] cell_area:long_name = "area of grid cell" ; cell_area:standard_name="area"; cell_area:units = "m2"

For all field living on a grid composed of the domain the metadata attribute "cell_measures" must be added in the netcdf file with the area specification : ex : float sosstsst(time_counter, y, x) ;

sosstsst:long_name = "sea surface temperature" ; sosstsst:units = "degC" ; sosstsst:online_operation = "average" ; sosstsst:interval_operation = "5760s" ; sosstsst:interval_write = "1mo" ; sosstsst:_FillValue = 1.e+20f ; sosstsst:missing_value = 1.e+20f ; sosstsst:cell_measures = "area: areas_grid_T"

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