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#103 fixed Add attribute 'comment' to all objects ? ymipsl ssenesi

For the sake of documenting xml files and their components, it would be helpful to be able to insert comment strings for every object, INSIDE the brackets enclosing the object. Maybe there is an XML syntax for that ? Otherwise, adding a 'comment' attribute would fit.

#104 wontfix When setting default field name, id should prevail on field_ref ymipsl ssenesi

When writing :

<field id="oddust" field_ref="od550dust" ... />

Field "oddust" get the same name as field "odd550dust"

When writing

<field id="oddust" domain="dom1" >

field "oddust" has name=id="oddust"

I beliewe that most users expect that the latter behaviour applies in the first case

#105 fixed Implement grid type gaussian for interpolation ymipsl ymipsl

Actually gaussian grid are considered like unstructured, ie edge are geodesic line (a great circle on the sphere). When interpolation is performed, interpolation error is increasing near the pole. Gaussian grid must specifie to the mapper that vertex on same latitude are linked with a small circle (like regular lon lat grid)

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