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#111 fixed wrong consistency check in domaion.cpp on ni when data_dim=1 ymipsl ssenesi

domain.cpp reads at line 730 :

      if ((ni.getValue() < 0 || ibegin.getValue() < 0) ||
         ((type_attr::unstructured != type) && ((ibegin.getValue() + ni.getValue()) > ni_glo.getValue())))

while it should be:

      if ((ni.getValue() < 0 || ibegin.getValue() < 0) ||
         ((data_dim.get(Value()== 2 && ((ibegin.getValue() + ni.getValue()) > ni_glo.getValue())))

as you can have data_dim=1 and e.g. type=curvilinear, which breaks the relationship between ni and ni_glo. Another formulation would be to use as a ceiling value for ni :

  • ni_glo if data_dim==2
  • ni_glo * nj_glo if data_dim==1
#112 fixed Write interpolation weight into a file mhnguyen mhnguyen

XIOS is able to read weights from a file then use them to do interpolation of a domain to another. There are cases in which these weights should be computed once then reused over and over. Therefore, XIOS should be able to write weights into file. Some specifications for this:

  • Flag for interpolation_domain

+) filename: Already exists +) weights="read/write"

  • Behaviors:

+) weights="write" -> write weights into file. If there is no filename -> default filename will be used, otherwise use filename. Filename will be always overwritten in this case. +) weights="read" -> try to read weights from a file. If there is no filename-> default filename will be used, otherwise use filename. If there is no file to read at all-> switch to write mode.

#113 fixed XIOS attribute to specify netcdf attribute "cell_methods" ymipsl aclsce

For CMIP6 workflow, the user needs to specify by hand, the netcdf attribute "cell_methods", especially when the requested cell_methods attribute is not associated to a XIOS filter. For example : "area: mean where land time: mean". Examples of cell_methids required by CMIP Data Request are here :

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