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#46 fixed Compilation netcdf4_seq fails ymipsl omamce

/Users/marti/Unix/XIOS/src/output/onetcdf4.cpp:501:53: error: use of undeclared identifier 'NC_COLLECTIVE'

CheckError?(nc_var_par_access(grpid, varid, NC_COLLECTIVE));

/Users/marti/Unix/XIOS/src/output/onetcdf4.cpp:503:53: error: use of undeclared identifier 'NC_INDEPENDENT'

CheckError?(nc_var_par_access(grpid, varid, NC_INDEPENDENT));

#45 fixed problem including a file containing a context in iodef.xml ymipsl jgipsl

Following exemple does not work :

iodef.xml :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <context id="xios">
      <variable_group id="buffer">
            buffer_size = 80000000
            buffer_server_factor_size = 2
      <variable_group id="parameters">
        <variable id="using_server" type="boolean">false</variable>
        <variable id="info_level" type="int">0</variable>

  <context src=".context_orchidee.xml"/>


context_orchidee.xml :

  <context id="orchidee">
    <field_definition src="./field_def_orchidee.xml"/>
    <file_definition src="./file_def_orchidee.xml"/>

      <domain id="domain_landpoints"/>

      <!-- Vertical axis and extra dimensions in sechiba -->
      <axis id="veget" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Vegetation types" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="laiax" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Nb LAI" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="solth" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Soil levels" unit="m"/>
      <axis id="soiltyp" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Soil types" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="nobio" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Other surface types" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="albtyp" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Albedo types" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="solay" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Hydrol soil levels" unit="m"/>
      <!-- Vertical axis and extra dimensions in stomate -->
      <axis id="PFT" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Plant functional type" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="P10" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Pool 10 years" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="P100" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Pool 100 years" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="P11" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Pool 10 years + 1" unit="1"/>
      <axis id="P101" standard_name="model_level_number" long_name="Pool 100 years + 1" unit="1"/>

The same example works if putting the contents from the file context_orchidee.xml directly into iodef.xml instead of including the file by src.

#44 fixed problem with xios_field_is_activate ymipsl jgipsl

Concerning XIOS rev 477

The problem is described in the following exemple in ORCHIDEE :

       IF (xios_field_is_active("RootMoist") .OR. xios_field_is_active("DelSoilMoist") .OR. &
            xios_field_is_active("DelIntercept") .OR. xios_field_is_active("DelSWE") .OR. &
            xios_field_is_active("SoilWet")) THEN

          WRITE(numout,*) 'almaoutput has been set to true in xios_orchidee_init'
       END IF

Case 1) Everything is fine when these variables are declared only in field_def_orchidee.xml. almaoutput becomes FALSE. See exemple at curie : /ccc/scratch/cont003/dsm/p86ghatt/LMDZOR/XIOS/RUNDIR/TESTING/RUN_rev1960/prod_mpi_omp/TestAlma

Case 2) If one or several of these variables are set in file_def_orchidee.xml but the file is deactivated, the result is almaoutput=TRUE. This is not ok. See here an extract from file_def_orchidee.xml :

<file id="sechiba2" name="sechiba_out_2_xios" output_level="10" output_freq="1d" enabled=".FALSE.">
  <field field_ref="RootMoist" level="1"/>
  <field field_ref="Areas" level="1"/>

Exemple : /ccc/scratch/cont003/dsm/p86ghatt/LMDZOR/XIOS/RUNDIR/TESTING/RUN_rev1960/prod_mpi_omp/TestAlma2

I think the behaviour of xios_field_is_activate was correct in earlier versions of XIOS.

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