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#76 fixed set_current_context with id oabramkina ymipsl

Actually, fortran interface to switching context is done by context handle, missing the subrotuine by id :

SUBROUTINE xios_set_current_context("context_id")

#124 fixed %start_date% is wrong when split_freq="1ts" ymipsl ssenesi

I know this may seem odd, but I tried it anyway : outputting some diags with freq_op="1ts" and split_freq="1ts" In that case, you only get the 'year' part of %start_date%

#60 fixed String variable with whitespaces are incorrectly parsed rlacroix rlacroix

How to reproduce:

   <file_definition type="multiple_file" par_access="collective" output_freq="6h" output_level="10" enabled=".TRUE.">
     <file id="output" name="output"> 
        <field field_ref="field_A" />
        <variable id="my_attribute1" type="string">surf_att</variable>
        <variable id="my_attribute2" type="string">I love whitespaces</variable>

Using this configuration file will result in the following NetCDF output:

// global attributes:
		:name = "output" ;
		:description = "Created by xios" ;
		:my_attribute1 = "surf_att" ;
		:my_attribute2 = "I" ;

Expected result would be :my_attribute2 = "I love whitespaces" ;

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