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#43 wontfix Having the possibility of enforcing the addition of a axis to a file ymipsl millour

So far if multiple axes are defined (e.g. axis1, axis2, etc.), but only one is used (e.g.all output fields in file are with axis_ref="axis2"), then it is the only axis written to the file.

Allowing users to specify that alternative axes, although not used, should be included in the output file would be useful.

Maybe by adding a flag output="always" to the axis (or file?) parameters?

#42 fixed Add the possibility to add user defined global and field attributes into a netcdf file ymipsl smasson
#41 fixed Do not take missing value for averaging operation ymipsl ymipsl

When you have some missing data in the model, it would be convenient to avoid to take into acount these values when temporal operation like averaging are performed.

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