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#116 fixed reduce_domain workflow issue when combined with vertical interpolation ymipsl ssenesi

Using r1028 and a toy derived from test_xios2_cmpi6 (attached) , which also sends a pressure field, I am able to correctly derive :

  • a profile of a 3D field (with a 'reduce_domain' applied on horizontal domain)
  • a vertical interpolation of the same field on pressure levels

but when trying to get the profile of the vertically interpolated field, I get sensible values only for the first output timestep; for the remaining timsteps the values are largely underestimated, and their vertical structure is unconsistent with the original field

The set of xml files and the output file are attached.

#120 fixed reduce_domain doesn't work when using 'direction="iDir" ' ymipsl ssenesi

I got error :

[ id = 'fiou' , context = 'arpsfx' ] The axis is wrongly defined, attribute 'n_glo' must be specified"

when using a reference to this axis in an output field :


<axis id="zonal_avg_axis" > <reduce_domain operation="sum" direction="iDir" /> </axis>


while n_glo should be deduced from nj_glo of source_domain

#121 fixed mess in time axes ymipsl ssenesi

Using a toy client like test_grid (see former ticket), and

  • defining one field with operation=instant, freq_op=2ts
  • requesting it with output_freq=1ts,
  • running for 4 timesteps with a 600s timestep

I get an output with coordinates="... time_instant" and a time_instant variable which has values : [ 600, 1200, -, -]

This seems odd; I was expecting either :

1- a time_instant variable with values [ 600, 1200, 1800, 24000 ] and fields filled with missing values for instants 600 and 1800 2- or a time_instant variable with values [ 1200, 2400, - , - ]

The same occurs if, instead of setting freq_op=2ts, I send the field only one out of 2 timesteps

What did I miss ?

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