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#54 fixed Variables with 5 dimensions ymipsl jgipsl

For ORCHIDEE, we would like to write variables with 5 dimensions. There are several cases when this would be interesting for example: (lon,lat,z,pft,time) or (lon,lat,z,soil_type,time).

We would be grateful if this could be added in XIOS.

#185 duplicate New bounds rectilinear domain crash domain expand ymipsl jderouillat

Since 2440, domain expand crashes with or without the bounds specification for rectilinear domains :

The error without specifications :

In file "domain.cpp", function "void xios::CDomain::checkBounds()",
  line 1664 -> [ id = __domain_undef_id_1 , context = 'atm ] 
  'bounds_lon_1d' dimension is not compatible with 'nvertex'.
  'bounds_lon_1d' dimension is 4 but nvertex is 2.

CDomainAlgorithmExpand::updateRectilinearDomainAttributes calls fillInRectilinearBoundLonLat if bounds_lon/lat_1d is empty. fillInRectilinearBoundLonLat resizes bounds arrays with const int nvertexValue = 4;

With bounds specifications (uncommenting in generic_testcase), the crashs occurs in CDomain::sendLonLat, where bounds_lonvalue is not defined while hasBounds is true.

#3  0x55cf20882f5a in _ZN4xios7CDomain10sendLonLatEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:2497
#4  0x55cf2087fa66 in _ZN4xios7CDomain14sendAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:2270
#5  0x55cf2087a822 in _ZN4xios7CDomain21sendCheckedAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:1953
#6  0x55cf209bed67 in _ZN4xios5CGrid14solveDomainRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/grid.cpp:637
#7  0x55cf209ba593 in _ZN4xios5CGrid18solveDomainAxisRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/grid.cpp:359
#8  0x55cf208de6a6 in _ZN4xios6CField22solveGridDomainAxisRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/field.cpp:1689
#9  0x55cf208d0da3 in _ZN4xios6CField32sendGridComponentOfEnabledFieldsEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/field.cpp:964
#10  0x55cf209285c8 in _ZN4xios5CFile32sendGridComponentOfEnabledFieldsEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/file.cpp:861
#11  0x55cf20805b97 in _ZN4xios8CContext37sendGridComponentEnabledFieldsInFilesERKSt6vectorIPNS_5CFileESaIS3_EE
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:759
#12  0x55cf208023db in _ZN4xios8CContext30postProcessingGlobalAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:632
#13  0x55cf208041cd in _ZN4xios8CContext15closeDefinitionEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:706
#14  0x55cf20b75c5a in cxios_context_close_definition
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/interface/c/icdata.cpp:124
#15  0x55cf205048cc in __idata_MOD_xios_close_context_definition
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/ppsrc/xios/interface/fortran/idata.f90:718
#16  0x55cf204a435d in model
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:625
#17  0x55cf2047f5c6 in generic_testcase
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:103
#18  0x55cf204a5e5f in main
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:2

bounds_lonvalue should be set using bounds_lon_1d in CDomain::completeLonLatClient

#79 fixed add new constraint on zoom definition ymipsl arsouze

I would like to be able to define in XIOS a zoom based on a mask. Typically, I would like to be able to compute a mean (and time series) of temperature over the Atlantic basin, based on an Atlantic mask definition provided as an input file. I think this goes beyond the (i,j) or (lon,lat) zooming options available so far.

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