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#98 fixed Issue with DHT when the number of indexes is lower than the number of clients mhnguyen rlacroix

This can be reproduced using test_client.exe. The axis has 5 elements but as soon as you use more than 5 servers, the axis size used when computing the indexes will become equal to the number of clients.

The problem lies somewhere in CClientClientDHTInt class or in one of the classes it uses but I'm not familiar with this code so it would be easier if you could have a look at the issue.

#100 fixed Problem with splitted time series file name mhnguyen aclsce

In case of :

  • time series activated


  • time series split activated (for example ts_split_freq="1d")

a "_" is missing in the name of file since revision 875.

For example : 1) OK with XIOS rev 874: 2) Not OK with XIOS rev 875 :

#101 fixed __field_undef_id as name of variable with Time Series mhnguyen aclsce

If no "name" attribute is specified, the name of variable used in Time Series file is "__field_undef_id" instead of the id of the variable. Example : <field id="flat" long_name="Latent heat flux" unit="W/m2" /> ... <file id="histday" timeseries="both" ts_prefix="TS_atm" >

<field field_ref="flat" level="1" />

... gives the following file : netcdf TS_atm_flat_20000101-20000131 { ...

float __field_undef_id_92(time_counter, lat, lon) ;

__field_undef_id_92:long_name = "Sensible heat flux" ; __field_undef_id_92:units = "W/m2" ; __field_undef_id_92:online_operation = "average" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_operation = "600 s" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_write = "1 d" ; __field_undef_id_92:cell_methods = "time: mean (interval: 600 s)" ; __field_undef_id_92:_FillValue = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:missing_value = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:coordinates = "time_centered" ;


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