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#81 fixed Add more informations in one specific output error message yushan acosce

It will be perfect if we can know the name of the array in addition to the size information in this kind of message

In file '/ccc/work/cont003/dsm/p24cozic/WORK/COUP_ORCH_INCA/20160118/modipsl/modeles/XIOS/inc/grid.hpp', line 166 -> [ Awaiting size of the data = 60, Received data size = 780 ] The array of data has not the good size !


#26 fixed name of coordinate one-dimensional variable ymipsl aclsce

As it is said in CF convention ( "We use this term precisely as it is defined in section 2.3.1 of the NUG 2.3.1 of the NUG . It is a one-dimensional variable with the same name as its dimension [e.g., time(time)], and it is defined as a numeric data type with values that are ordered monotonically. Missing values are not allowed in coordinate variables."

It means we have to rename lon(x) into lon(lon) or x(x) (same for lat and time_counter). Comment : lon(lon) seems better than x(x)...

Thanks !

#27 fixed compilation of XIOS with --use_oasis option aclsce aclsce

When you compile XIOS with the "--use_oasis", it is needed to have netcdf fortran interface library at the linking step. So far there is : NETCDF_LIB="-lnetcdf" in arch*.path configuration files of XIOS. "-lnetcdff" is missing to compile with "--use_oasis" option because oasis library needs it.

Proposition : add a NETCDF_LIB="-lnetcdff -lnetcdf" in make_xios file only if "$use_oasis" == "true" ?.

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