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#47 fixed typo error in node/domain.cpp ymipsl theetten

line 494 : zoom_ibegin is written twice instead of zoom_ibegin, zoom_jbegin

(Nota bene : same error is found in presentation slides "Grids definition")

#92 worksforme Using named constants in filters/operations ymipsl ssenesi

Assume you want to convert an energy flux in mass flux using an XIOS filter :

   <field id="tran"    name="tran"  unit="kg m-2 s-1"> evptr / 2.5008E+6</field>

It would be smarter to use (and re-use) a named constant, such as in :

    <variable id="coeffl"  type="float">2.5008E+6</variable>

    <field_definition id="field_definition" operation="instant" prec="4">
        <field id="tran"    name="tran"  unit="kg m-2 s-1"> evptr / coeffl </field>

However, this does not work

#37 fixed valid_min and valid_max attribute ymipsl ymipsl

Add valid_min and valid_max attribute for field and output the corresponding metadata in the file.

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