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#31 fixed inheritance seen by get_attr ymipsl smasson

It would be very convenient if get_attr could see teh attributes that are defined trough inheritance...
Another possibility would be to be able to get the id of its parent...

#30 fixed "Once" operation attribute ymipsl aclsce

When I define a field (for example "Areas" with the following attribute operation="once", it seems it is needed to do the "call xios_send_field("Areas",...)" every timestep of the model (defined thanks the call to xios_set_timestep). If I do only one call to "xios_send_field("Areas",...)", there is nothing as value of my field "Areas" in my file (only missing values)...I think it is not normal.

Thanks !

#29 fixed Need more explicit error message ymipsl omamce

Error message

=> Error [CDomain::checkAttributes(void)] : In file
line 267 -> the mask has not the same size than the local domain

An information on the local domain size and the mask size would be appreciated.

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