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#91 fixed Default buffer size seems to be too small rlacroix aclsce

I encounter the following problem : my run freezes when I define bounds lon and bounds lat via xios_set_domain_attr function (no problem without bounds definition). Then, no problem when I put in my iodef.xml :

<variable id="optimal_buffer_size" type="string">performance</variable> <variable id="buffer_size_factor" type="double">2.0</variable> <variable id="min_buffer_size" type="int">10000000</variable>

It looks like bad estimation of buffer size...

#100 fixed Problem with splitted time series file name mhnguyen aclsce

In case of :

  • time series activated


  • time series split activated (for example ts_split_freq="1d")

a "_" is missing in the name of file since revision 875.

For example : 1) OK with XIOS rev 874: 2) Not OK with XIOS rev 875 :

#101 fixed __field_undef_id as name of variable with Time Series mhnguyen aclsce

If no "name" attribute is specified, the name of variable used in Time Series file is "__field_undef_id" instead of the id of the variable. Example : <field id="flat" long_name="Latent heat flux" unit="W/m2" /> ... <file id="histday" timeseries="both" ts_prefix="TS_atm" >

<field field_ref="flat" level="1" />

... gives the following file : netcdf TS_atm_flat_20000101-20000131 { ...

float __field_undef_id_92(time_counter, lat, lon) ;

__field_undef_id_92:long_name = "Sensible heat flux" ; __field_undef_id_92:units = "W/m2" ; __field_undef_id_92:online_operation = "average" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_operation = "600 s" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_write = "1 d" ; __field_undef_id_92:cell_methods = "time: mean (interval: 600 s)" ; __field_undef_id_92:_FillValue = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:missing_value = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:coordinates = "time_centered" ;


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