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#155 fixed Add views and connector for scalars elements ymipsl ymipsl

report what has been done for domain and axis

#86 fixed Allowing durations expressed as strings with the Fortran API ymipsl ssenesi

Model developpers would appreciate to be able to :

call xios_set_attr('field',freq_op='6h')

i.e. to benefit from the API of the same features as in xml file for expressing durations (without managing XIOS types)

I didn't find a function for converting from string to duration, which could help in this respect

#95 fixed Alternate, sensible, convention for lonvalue_1d when data_dim=1, for a rectilinear domain ymipsl ssenesi

In domain.cpp, for the case of a rectilinear domain, completeLonLatClient uses lonvalue_1D with an implicit assumption that the distribution also is recti-linear (i.e. that each MPI tasks does process a rectangle in the lat-lon space)

This does not apply when data_dim=1 and the distribution follows another scheme.

The attached version of domain.cpp, domain_new.cpp, is a proposal for an alternate convention in that case : lonvalue_1d and latvalue_1d are then interpreted as providing arrays which are parallel to the data arrays (which is more intuitive in that data_dim=1 case)

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