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#54 fixed Variables with 5 dimensions ymipsl jgipsl

For ORCHIDEE, we would like to write variables with 5 dimensions. There are several cases when this would be interesting for example: (lon,lat,z,pft,time) or (lon,lat,z,soil_type,time).

We would be grateful if this could be added in XIOS.

#90 fixed MPI dead lock in XIOS ymipsl mcastril

We are experiencing a repetitive issue with XIOS 1.0 . It appeared using NEMO 3.6 stable and more than 2600 cores, and it seemed to be solved when using Intel 16 compiler and IMPI 5. However, after updating to NEMO 3.6 current stable, the problem appears when using 1920 or more cores. I don't really get how the NEMO revision change could affect to this, but there it is.

The problem is just in this line of client.cpp:

MPI_Send(buff,buffer.count(),MPI_CHAR,serverLeader,1,CXios::globalComm) ;

In the meanwhile the server.cpp is doing MPI_Iprobe continuosly in order to receive all the MPI_Send.

What we have observed is that using a high number of cores, around 80-100 of these cores get stucked at the MPI_Send, causing the run to hang and not complete. The fact that with a certain number of cores the issue appears 80% of the times but not always, made us think that could be related with the IMPI implementation.

#112 fixed Write interpolation weight into a file mhnguyen mhnguyen

XIOS is able to read weights from a file then use them to do interpolation of a domain to another. There are cases in which these weights should be computed once then reused over and over. Therefore, XIOS should be able to write weights into file. Some specifications for this:

  • Flag for interpolation_domain

+) filename: Already exists +) weights="read/write"

  • Behaviors:

+) weights="write" -> write weights into file. If there is no filename -> default filename will be used, otherwise use filename. Filename will be always overwritten in this case. +) weights="read" -> try to read weights from a file. If there is no filename-> default filename will be used, otherwise use filename. If there is no file to read at all-> switch to write mode.

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