13:30 Changeset [572] by rlacroix
Fix: Make sure the grids are consistent when doing field operations. …
13:18 Changeset [571] by mhnguyen
Update missing file Test: NO
10:49 Changeset [570] by mhnguyen
Correcting a minor bug during merge Test: NO
10:49 Changeset [569] by mhnguyen
Correct some bugs on discovering server index and do some code cleanings …
10:49 Changeset [568] by mhnguyen
Implementing discovering algorithm of server index +) Implement the …
10:49 Changeset [567] by mhnguyen
Implementing a grid formed by only one axis or group of axis +) Add …


10:04 Changeset [566] by rlacroix
Improve the error messages when checking the axis attributes.


18:24 Ticket #66 (Regression caused by grid related changes) created by rlacroix
It seems the recent grid related changes have caused a regression which …
18:18 Ticket #65 (Regression caused by automatic detection of buffer size) created by rlacroix
As far as I can tell the automatic detection of buffer size is causing two …
17:10 Changeset [565] by rlacroix
Modify test_complete so that zoom is actually tested. Note that the trunk …
11:12 Changeset [564] by rlacroix
Add arch files for Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici's …


10:09 Changeset [563] by rlacroix
Test complete: Fix a typo in context_atmosphere (cosmetic only).
09:50 Changeset [562] by rlacroix
Fix incorrect output values when using a field_ref or the @ operator on a …


10:13 Changeset [561] by rlacroix
CCalendar: Make getCurrentDate and update methods return a const …
08:27 Changeset [560] by rlacroix
Add a first draft of the user guide. For now the only chapter is about …
08:24 Changeset [559] by rlacroix
Update the reference guide to account for all recent changes I did.


17:57 Ticket #64 (Compile error when using option netcdf4_internal on Bull Intel with ...) closed by rlacroix
fixed: Good to know it fixed your issue! About the internal NetCDF library, it …


10:15 Changeset [558] by rlacroix
Fortran interface: Fix the intent of some function parameters in the IDATE …


12:06 Changeset [557] by mhnguyen
Fixing a bug on calculating global index of band distribution +) Correct …
10:42 Changeset [556] by rlacroix
Fix the Fortran interface generator and regenerate the interface.


16:47 Changeset [555] by mhnguyen
Updating some Fortran interface files +) Update some Fortran interface …
16:23 Changeset [554] by mhnguyen
Changing interface of tests to make sure global index begins at zero (0) …
16:23 Changeset [553] by mhnguyen
Seperating global index computation on client and server side +) Create a …
16:23 Changeset [552] by mhnguyen
Doing some cleans and improving a little bit performance of creating local …
16:23 Changeset [551] by mhnguyen
Redesigning grid structure +) Add an intermediate class to calculate …


14:23 Changeset [550] by rlacroix
Add a new user defined calendar type. A new calendar type "user_defined" …


11:30 Ticket #64 (Compile error when using option netcdf4_internal on Bull Intel with ...) created by ssenesi
In that case, with release 549, I get a 'catastrophic error' (I didn't …
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