15:15 Changeset [852] by ymipsl
remapper : Fix problem in parallel when number of cell to insert is to …


17:46 Ticket #94 (Need filter 'time-derivate' or 'tendency') created by ssenesi
Some physical schemes may have a timestep shorter than the one used for …
17:09 Ticket #93 (problem when freq_op differrent of 1ts) created by ymipsl
Salut Rémi, J'ai investigué un peu, et le problème est assez sérieux. …


16:18 Changeset [851] by ymipsl
adding an MPI synchronisation when processing events in attached mode, …
16:11 Changeset [850] by ymipsl
Add cyclic file attribute. If cyclic=true, when last time record of a …
14:56 Changeset [849] by ymipsl
Remapper : manage some floating rounding error leading to some NAN YM
10:22 Ticket #92 (Using named constants in filters/operations) created by ssenesi
Assume you want to convert an energy flux in mass flux using an XIOS …


11:38 Changeset [848] by mhnguyen
Fixing a bug in transformation in case of masking grid +) Number of local …


14:19 Ticket #91 (Default buffer size seems to be too small) created by aclsce
I encounter the following problem : my run freezes when I define bounds …


17:37 Changeset [847] by ymipsl
bugfix : automatic generation of 2D regular domain. YM
17:28 Changeset [846] by ymipsl
Management of masked cell for conservative interpolation. YM
17:25 Changeset [845] by ymipsl
Correction of area incoherency between supermesh and target cells due to …
17:23 Changeset [844] by ymipsl
Management of masked cell for remapping algorithm. YM


16:04 Changeset [843] by mhnguyen
Several improvements +) Replace some time-consuming operations by simpler …
16:03 Changeset [842] by mhnguyen
Small improvements on transformation mapping +) Remove complex structure …
16:03 Changeset [841] by mhnguyen
Changing the way to create virtual grid during transformation. +)Instead …


15:39 Ticket #75 (The axis attribute "value" should be optional) closed by mhnguyen
15:38 Ticket #74 (XML auto-completion from the input files is too strict) closed by mhnguyen
15:38 Ticket #71 (missing "index" attribute for axis) closed by mhnguyen
15:37 Ticket #72 (Crash when using a 2D grid made of 2 distributed axis) closed by mhnguyen
15:30 Ticket #84 (abort in XIOS cause dead lock with MPI) closed by mhnguyen
15:27 Ticket #80 (Problem with intel 2013.0) closed by mhnguyen
15:26 Ticket #78 (grid masking attribute incorrect name : mask1, mask2, mask3 ...) closed by mhnguyen


18:29 Ticket #90 (MPI dead lock in XIOS) created by mcastril
We are experiencing a repetitive issue with XIOS 1.0 . It appeared using …


14:16 Ticket #89 (Error in node/domain.cpp on ChecKDomainData) created by ssenesi
It reads on line 792 as […] which is obviously wrong (set values …
09:43 Ticket #88 (Consistency check 'ni .le. ni_glo' unrelevant for data_dim=1 and ...) created by ssenesi
At node/domain.cpp l693, a test read as […] The third condition does …
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