16:33 Ticket #102 (Global/local attributes in TS files) closed by rlacroix
fixed: Fixed in r928.
16:32 Changeset [928] by rlacroix
Timeseries files now inherit the global variables from the file they are …
14:13 Ticket #105 (Implement grid type gaussian for interpolation) created by ymipsl
Actually gaussian grid are considered like unstructured, ie edge are …
12:45 Ticket #101 (__field_undef_id as name of variable with Time Series) closed by rlacroix
fixed: Fixed in r921.
12:44 Ticket #100 (Problem with splitted time series file name) closed by rlacroix
fixed: Fixed in r920.
11:18 Changeset [927] by rlacroix
Fix: Ensure that the buffer sizes needed to send the axis attributes are …
11:18 Changeset [926] by rlacroix
Fix: Make sure that the connected servers are properly set for …
11:18 Changeset [925] by rlacroix
Fix MPI_Init calls to be more compliant with the standard.


09:41 Changeset [924] by oabramkina
Parallel version of UGRID norms. The following connectivity parameters …


15:07 Changeset [923] by ymipsl
Improve remapper : - increase stability for smal grid remapping - increase …


09:09 Ticket #104 (When setting default field name, id should prevail on field_ref) created by ssenesi
When writing : <field id="oddust" field_ref="od550dust" ... /> Field …


17:34 Changeset [922] by mhnguyen
Correcting compilation error with gcc 4.8 +) Remove some part which made …


13:55 Ticket #103 (Add attribute 'comment' to all objects ?) created by ssenesi
For the sake of documenting xml files and their components, it would be …


19:58 Changeset [921] by mhnguyen
Ticket 101: Wrong field name in timeseries mode +) Change the way to …
19:57 Changeset [920] by mhnguyen
Ticket 100: Correct format name of splitted output file Test +) Local +) …
19:57 Changeset [919] by mhnguyen
Commit the workaround of Rémi on the problem of remap library when moving …
19:57 Changeset [918] by mhnguyen
Modifying vertical interpolation +) Only process interpolation, the …


18:10 Ticket #102 (Global/local attributes in TS files) created by aclsce
Global/local attributes defined for a file are not reported in Time Series …


17:31 Ticket #101 (__field_undef_id as name of variable with Time Series) created by aclsce
If no "name" attribute is specified, the name of variable used in Time …
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