17:30 Ticket #113 (XIOS attribute to specify netcdf attribute "cell_methods") closed by ymipsl
fixed: Done.
17:12 Ticket #134 (generate fortran interface for XIOS_DEV_CMIP6 branch) created by ymipsl
Interface has not been generated from a long time.…
16:35 Ticket #43 (Having the possibility of enforcing the addition of a axis to a file) closed by ymipsl
wontfix: I close the ticket because it is very old. We don't see a simple way to …
16:26 Ticket #123 (Parser just holds on syntax error) closed by ymipsl
wontfix: The XML file doesn't have the good structure, so the internal XML parser …
16:23 Ticket #118 (Parser silently skip syntax error) closed by ymipsl
wontfix: The XML file doesn't have the good structure, so the internal XML parser …
16:09 Ticket #79 (add new constraint on zoom definition) closed by ymipsl
fixed: Implemented in XIOS_DEV_CMIP6.
16:06 Ticket #130 (Pb with chaining zoom over axis + axis reduction + domain reduction) closed by ymipsl
fixed: Fixed.
16:05 Ticket #122 (regression with detect_missing_value between 1013 and 1029) closed by ymipsl
16:03 Ticket #116 (reduce_domain workflow issue when combined with vertical interpolation) closed by ymipsl
16:02 Ticket #121 (mess in time axes) closed by ymipsl
16:01 Ticket #120 (reduce_domain doesn't work when using 'direction="iDir" ') closed by ymipsl
fixed: fixed.
16:00 Ticket #93 (problem when freq_op differrent of 1ts) closed by ymipsl
fixed: Fixed
15:45 Ticket #83 (chaining filter doesn't works when reading data from file) closed by ymipsl
fixed: Fixed
15:43 Ticket #112 (Write interpolation weight into a file) closed by ymipsl
fixed: Done


11:55 Changeset [1485] by oabramkina
Enforcing sequential I/O on the client side during reading of metadata by …


17:24 Changeset [1484] by ymipsl
Add Irène arch files (trunk) YM
17:22 Changeset [1483] by ymipsl
Add Irène arch files (dev CMIP6) YM
16:25 Changeset [1482] by yushan
Branch EP merged with Dev_cmip6 @r1481
14:29 Changeset [1481] by ymipsl
Enhencement : For expression, can now compare a value or array with a …
10:33 Changeset [1480] by ymipsl
Fix for transformation & interpolation : better detection of missing …
09:34 Changeset [1479] by ymipsl
Fix : when reading domain from a file, if the type of domain is given, it …


18:51 Changeset [1478] by oabramkina
Exception handling for attributes by means of dynamic binding. This …
11:12 Changeset [1477] by oabramkina
Implementing exception handling for accessing attribute value. In …


18:10 Changeset [1476] by oabramkina
Trunk and XIOS_DEV_CMIP6: updating Boost configuration so that it compiles …


13:32 Changeset [1475] by ymipsl
Change MPI_UINT64_T by MPI_LONG_LONG_INT since MPI_UINT64_T has been …


12:48 Changeset [1474] by oabramkina
DEV_CMIP6: porting changes in r1471. Now DEV_CMIP6 compiles with PGI.
12:42 Changeset [1473] by oabramkina
DEV_CMIP6: bugfix for certain cases of monthly output and freq_offset such …
12:20 Changeset [1472] by oabramkina
Implementing a patch suggested by Rupert Nash in order to bring …


16:52 Changeset [1471] by oabramkina
Trunk: few corrections in order to be in compliance with c++98 norms. …


17:24 Changeset [1470] by oabramkina
Changing compilation settings for PGI and GCC on Curie in order to use …
14:28 Changeset [1469] by yushan
LMDZ, XIOS_Tests works fine with 2-level server mode. Tested on Curie. …


20:40 Changeset [1468] by yushan
tests (client, complete, toy, rempa) work fine with 2-level server mode. …
18:18 Changeset [1467] by oabramkina
Creating GRIB branch
18:16 Changeset [1466] by oabramkina
Removing obsolete branch.
14:34 Changeset [1465] by yushan
Unify the MPI_Finalize in different tests.
14:08 Changeset [1464] by yushan
bug fix for server to correctly finalize. LMDZ OK.


17:15 Changeset [1463] by yushan
test_remap modified to follow trunk. memory free issue in mapper.cpp …


17:28 Changeset [1462] by yushan
restore CINetCDF4::isRectilinear
11:34 Changeset [1461] by yushan
small modif
10:43 Changeset [1460] by yushan
branch_openmp merged with XIOS_DEV_CMIP6@1459


10:17 Ticket #133 (Xios gregorian calendar actually is proleptic gregorian) created by ssenesi
See explanations at https://github.com/PCMDI/cmor/issues/325
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.