16:02 Ticket #161 (Type mismatch in src/test/generic_testcase.f90) created by omamce
Line 8 : ierr is declared as an INTEGER Line 71 : {{{CALL …


16:36 Ticket #160 (When reading a file, if read field doesn't exit in the file, no diagnostic ...) created by ymipsl
For all branches
14:31 Ticket #159 (clarify conflict between domain_axis_order and order_) created by ymipsl
Use only order_ for future
14:30 Ticket #158 (test connectors functionnalities for spurious grid : holes) created by ymipsl
Some parts of the grid is not defined, ie nemo mesh when remove processes …
14:28 Ticket #157 (test connectors functionnalities for spurious grid : some servers or ...) created by ymipsl
ex : nbServers > nlat client with ni=0 or nj=0
14:26 Ticket #156 (test connectors functionnalities for spurious grid : overlapping) created by ymipsl
14:25 Ticket #155 (Add views and connector for scalars elements) created by ymipsl
report what has been done for domain and axis
14:23 Ticket #154 (repaired compressed output on coupling branch) created by ymipsl


13:51 Changeset [1930] by ymipsl
Big update on on going work related to data distribution and transfer …
13:45 Changeset [1929] by ymipsl
Generic test case : bug fix for orchidee domain mesh. This fix must be …
11:39 Changeset [1928] by yushan
trunk : workflow graph now working with field read from file


16:40 Changeset [1927] by ymipsl
Bug fix : Grid elements (domain axis, scalar) was not sent to server in …


11:45 Changeset [1926] by ymipsl
Bug fix in generic testcase for orchidee grid. YM


14:28 Changeset [1925] by ymipsl
Report in coupling branch some of bug fix from trunk r1914. Some other …
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