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NEMO Quick Start Guide

| The NEMO guide is made up of several files written in
  `ReStructuredText <>`_ (`.rst` extension),
  a WYSIWYG markup language used in the Python community, and scattered all over the NEMO sources.
| You can view them one by one in plain text from `./source` folder, or export all to a user-friendly guide under `./build` (only HTML format at the moment, PDF expected later).

Build and export the guide in HTML

1.  Install Sphinx documentation generator, its BibTeX extension and "Read The Docs" theme thanks to `pip` packages tool

    .. code-block:: console

        $ pip install sphinx sphinxcontrib.bibtex sphinx_rtd_theme

2.  Build the HTML export with `make` in `./build/html`

    .. code-block:: console

        $ make html

3.  Finally browse the guide by opening `./build/html/NEMO_guide.html`

Edit the sources and check the output in real time

| To facilitate the update of the guide, editors can install a useful package that will automatically trigger a new build and the reload of the HTML page for every recorded change in the sources.
| So the reviewer saves time by controlling on-line their modifications almost as it types and also by avoiding repeated interactive rebuilds.

Install `sphinx-autobuild` package

.. code-block:: console

   $ pip install sphinx-autobuild

Launch a local web server hosting a draft export of the guide (build this time in `./build/livehtml`)

.. code-block:: console

    $ make livehtml

| Open in the same time the 2 formats of the content to review: the source file and the web page by browsing from the new guide hosted by your local server on `<>`_.
| Start the update, save your changes and verify instantly the HTML export in your browser.

.. warning::

    | Your modifications are not taken into account?
    | For symlink file, you will have to close it to update the HTML export. Otherwise look at the log of the Sphinx build, you probably made a typo!

.. hint::

    Are there broken links? Fix "Page not found" errors by running `make linkcheck`
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