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1%% ================================================================
2%% Abstract
3%% ================================================================
5%% Common part between NEMO-SI3-TOP
6``Sea Ice Modelling Integrated Initiative'' (\SIcube) is the sea ice engine of
7the \NEMO\ ocean model (``Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean'').
8It is intended to be a flexible tool for studying the sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics,
9brine inclusions and subgrid-scale thickness variations (``white ocean''),
10as well as its interactions with the other components of the Earth climate system over
11a wide range of space and time scales.
12\SIcube\ is interfaced with the \NEMO\ ocean engine, and,
13via the \href{}{OASIS} coupler,
14with several atmospheric general circulation models.
15It also supports two-way grid embedding by means of the \href{}{AGRIF} software.
17%% Specific part
18Designed for global to regional applications up to $~$10 km of effective resolution,
19\SIcube\ is a curvilinear grid, finite-difference implementation of the classical AIDJEX model
20(Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint EXperiment),
21combining the conservation of momentum for viscous-plastic continuum,
22energy and salt-conserving halo-thermodynamics,
23an explicit representation of subgrid-scale ice thickness variations, snow and melt ponds.
24An option to switch back to the \textit{single-category} (or \textit{2-level}) framework provides
25a cheap sea ice modelling solution.
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