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2&namclo        !   parameters of the closed sea (cs) behavior           (default: OFF)
4   ln_maskcs = .false.        ! (=T) cs are masked ; So, in this case ln_mask_csundef and ln_clo_rnf have no effect.
5      !                       ! (=F => set ln_mask_csundef and ln_clo_rnf)
6      !                       ! cs masks are read and net evap/precip over closed sea spread out depending on masks.
7      !                       ! See ln_mask_csundef and ln_clo_rnf for specific option related to this case
8      !
9      ln_mask_csundef = .true.   ! (=T) undefined closed seas are masked ;
10      !                          ! (=F) undefined closed seas are kept and no specific treatment is done for these closed seas
11      !
12      ln_clo_rnf = .true.        ! (=T) river mouth specified in masks (rnf and emp case) are added to the runoff mask.
13      !                          !      allow the treatment of closed sea outflow grid-points to be the same as river mouth grid-points
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