source: NEMO/branches/NERC @ 14759

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dev_r4.0.1_NERC_Externals 12393   22 months jpalmier correct External def
dev_r4.0.2_NERC_Externals 13447   15 months jpalmier update MEDUSA source code putting med_diag back — Faster than iomuse
dev_r4.0.3_NERC 13626   14 months smueller Update of the inactive SETTE-related externals definition
dev_r4.0.4_NERC 13671   14 months jpalmier Update SETTE external revision
dev_r4.0.5_NERC 14472   10 months jpalmier include clem's iceupdate fix (ticket #2626)
dev_r10021_NEMO4_plonk_MEDUSA 10022   3 years jpalmier Create MEDUSA-NEMO4 branch
dev_r11078_OSMOSIS_IMMERSE_Nurser_4.0 14759   7 months agn initialiose zlarge in zdf_osm_init
dev_r11842_SI3-10_EAP 14397   10 months acc Move old 2019 development branch that needs to be kept visible a while …
dev_release-3.4_NEMOTAM_consolidated 13433   16 months smueller Addition of configurability of the equatorial viscosity reduction in ORCA1 …
NEMO_4.0.2_CO9_package_tides 14166   12 months dbyrne Long period tide forcing, variable love number, new nodal equation 20 …
NEMO_4.0.4_CO9_package_tides 14746   7 months deazer K1 value appears to be a typo with a negative sign
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