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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
UKMO in NEMO/branches – NEMO

source: NEMO/branches/UKMO @ 10887

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
2018_NEMO4_beta_mirror_10037_Benchmark 10857   4 years andmirek fix for segfault error found by pgi compiler
BPC_miniapp 10838   4 years wayne_gaudin Ticket #2197 - extracted versions added
dev_r9888_GO6_mixing 9955   5 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r9888_GO6_mixing branch : science changes.
dev_r9888_proto_GO8_package 9977   5 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r9888_proto_GO8_package branch: merge in changes from trunk to …
dev_r9922_GC3_cpl_pkg 9947   5 years timgraham Clear svn keywords
dev_r9950_GO6_mixing 10327   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r9950_GO6_mixing branch: clear SVN keywords.
dev_r9950_GO8_package 10682   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r9950_GO8_package branch : change write outs from tra_bbl and …
dev_r9950_GO8_package_write 10660   4 years andmirek GMED ticket 445 remove write statements
dev_r9950_old_tidal_mixing 10328   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r9950_old_tidal_mixing branch: clear SVN keywords.
dev_r10037_dynvor_EEUV 10371   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r10037_dynvor_EEUV branch : add option to average only sea …
dev_r10037_GPU 10853   4 years andmirek ticket #2197 bugfix and change in NaN detection
dev_r10037_mppmask 10221   4 years mathiot read mmpmask from domain_cfg instead of bottom_level
dev_r10037_shlat2d 10648   4 years davestorkey UKMO dev_r10037_shlat2d branch: bug fix - make sure modified shlat values …
dev_r10037_vorticity_trends 10813   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r10037_vorticity_trends branch: updates/bug fixes.
NEMO4_beta_mirror 10325   4 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO4_beta_mirror branch: clear SVN keywords.
NEMO_4.0_mirror 10887   4 years davestorkey Mirror of NEMO 4.0 release in UKMO branch with SVN keywords removed. To …
r8395_coupling_sequence 10764   4 years jcastill Minimal set of changes for coupling order
r8395_cpl-pressure 10803   4 years jcastill Complete set of changes to use pressure read from coupling when available …
r8395_restart_datestamp 10765   4 years jcastill First set of changes
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