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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
UKMO in NEMO/branches – NEMO

source: NEMO/branches/UKMO @ 13159

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
2018_NEMO4_beta_mirror_10037_Benchmark 10857   4 years andmirek fix for segfault error found by pgi compiler
BPC_miniapp 10895   4 years wayne_gaudin Fixed the GPU=1 compile option to not use managed memory
dev_r9922_GC3_cpl_pkg 9947   5 years timgraham Clear svn keywords
dev_r9950_GO8_package_write 10660   4 years andmirek GMED ticket 445 remove write statements
dev_r10037_dynvor_EEUV 10371   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r10037_dynvor_EEUV branch : add option to average only sea …
dev_r10037_GPU 11888   3 years andmirek Ticket #2197, small changes to improve code structure
dev_r10037_mppmask 10221   4 years mathiot read mmpmask from domain_cfg instead of bottom_level
dev_r10037_shlat2d 10648   4 years davestorkey UKMO dev_r10037_shlat2d branch: bug fix - make sure modified shlat values …
dev_r10037_vorticity_trends 10813   4 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r10037_vorticity_trends branch: updates/bug fixes.
dev_r12745_HPC-02_Daley_Tiling_trial_public 12979   3 years hadcv Replace references to tile index arrays with scalars
dev_r12745_HPC-02_Daley_Tiling_trial_structure 12766   3 years hadcv tra_ldf_iso trial using structures
dev_r12866_HPC-02_Daley_Tiling_trial_extra_halo 13054   3 years hadcv Tiling for dia_ar5_hst, dia_ptr routines
NEMO_4.0.1_add_pond_lids 12401   3 years dancopsey Add melt pond lid code.
NEMO_4.0.1_biharmonic_GM 12917   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_biharmonic_GM : remove redundant code (which breaks …
NEMO_4.0.1_dan_test_clems_branch 12813   3 years dancopsey Fix compile errors.
NEMO_4.0.1_fix_cpl 13127   3 years dancopsey Add missing ice area to convert thickness changes into volume changes.
NEMO_4.0.1_fix_cpl_retain_melt 13080   3 years dancopsey Merge in existing fix_cpl branch.
NEMO_4.0.1_fix_cpl_v2 12940   3 years dancopsey Merge in changeset #12388 from NEMO_4.0.1_fix_cpl
NEMO_4.0.1_FKOSM 12847   3 years cguiavarch Limit hmle (hmle < 1.2 mld)
NEMO_4.0.1_flush_time_step_file 12504   3 years dancopsey Add a FLUSH command before the REWIND
NEMO_4.0.1_GC_couple_pkg 11914   3 years dancopsey Merging in the rest of the NEMO4 GC coupling branch up to revision 11446
NEMO_4.0.1_GM_rossby_radius_cutoff 13038   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_GM_rossby_radius_cutoff : Remove redundant l_Ro_cutoff …
NEMO_4.0.1_GO6_mixing 11748   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_GO6_mixing : science change.
NEMO_4.0.1_GO8_package 12762   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_GO8_package : Bug fix for dommsk.F90 (to allow use of …
NEMO_4.0.1_GO8_package_Ifix 12335   3 years frrh Copy of GO8 package branch to fix bugs revealed by intel compiler.
NEMO_4.0.1_GO8_package_Intelfix 12540   3 years frrh Get rid of duplicate variable!
NEMO_4.0.1_griffies_triad_ticket1928 12000   3 years mathiot add suggestion ticket #1928
NEMO_4.0.1_ICB_melting_temperature 11897   3 years cguiavarch Change to add basal melt only if the SST is above the freezing point
NEMO_4.0.1_icesheet_and_river_coupling 13102   3 years dancopsey Add test for any zero size river areas. This will crash the model later on …
NEMO_4.0.1_meltpond_improvements 12637   3 years dancopsey Added field definition for icevol_cat for XIOS.
NEMO_4.0.1_mirror 12083   3 years deazer Update Mirror to bring in required bdy bug fixes for CO8
NEMO_4.0.1_MIRROR_CO8_package 12094   3 years deazer Allow ts_init to work properly for already interpolated scoords Allow bdy …
NEMO_4.0.1_MIRROR_WAD_ZENV 12326   3 years deazer Adjusted to account for flux form advection should now work with both …
NEMO_4.0.1_momentum_trends 11934   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_momentum_trends : code changes (equivalent to rev 11917 of …
NEMO_4.0.1_NGMS_couple_pkg 13134   3 years frrh Development branch for coupling specific work relating to NGMS
NEMO_4.0.1_old_tidal_mixing 11750   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0.1_old_tidal_mixing : science change.
NEMO_4.0.1_remove_0.1m_snow_test 12996   3 years dancopsey Add missing END IF
NEMO_4.0.1_remove_isnow_cond 12307   3 years dancopsey Remove the loop that contains the code that is causing the problem.
NEMO_4.0.1_remove_leads_botm 12212   3 years dancopsey Reinstate fhld_1d into icethd_dh.F90 but set it to zero in icethd.F90. It …
NEMO_4.0.1_snow_frac_cpl 13046   3 years dancopsey Add snow_frac which is fraction of snow for coupling purposes.
NEMO_4.0.1_WAD_ZENV 12085   3 years deazer Changes required for enveloping bathy and WAD
NEMO_4.0.2_ENHANCE-02_ISF_nemo 12709   3 years mathiot NEMO_4.0.2_ENHANCE-02_ISF_nemo: remove svn keywords
NEMO_4.0.2_FKOSM 12912   3 years cguiavarch OSMOSIS and Fox-Kemper changes (merged from NEMO_4.0.1_FKOSM)
NEMO_4.0.2_GO6_mixing 12723   3 years cguiavarch UKMO/NEMO_4.0.2_GO6_mixing : science change.
NEMO_4.0.2_GO8_package 12848   3 years cguiavarch Extra sea ice diagnostics
NEMO_4.0.2_GO8_package_ENHANCE-02_ISF_nemo 12927   3 years mathiot fix xml file of METO_GO cfg
NEMO_4.0.2_ICB_melting_temperature 12829   3 years cguiavarch Change to add basal melt only if the SST is above the freezing point
NEMO_4.0.2_mirror 12658   3 years cguiavarch UKMO/NEMO_4.0.2_mirror : Remove SVN keywords.
NEMO_4.0.2_mppmask 13126   3 years cguiavarch Read mppmask from domain_cfg instead of bottom_level
NEMO_4.0.2_old_tidal_mixing 12717   3 years cguiavarch UKMO/NEMO_4.0.2_old_tidal_mixing: science changes
NEMO_4.0.2_SEAMOUNT 12868   3 years ayoung SEAMOUNT configuration files (EXPREF and MY_SRC)
NEMO_4.0_add_pond_lids_prints 12475   3 years dancopsey * Add more print statements. * Move away from using snow to ice …
NEMO_4.0_fix_cpl_oce_only 11832   3 years dancopsey Convert evap_ice from grid box means to sea ice means
NEMO_4.0_FKOSM 12825   3 years cguiavarch Limit hmle (hmle < 1.2 mld)
NEMO_4.0_GC_couple_pkg 11446   3 years timgraham Remove OASIS3 legacy code from cpl_oasis.F90. Tested to not change …
NEMO_4.0_GC_couple_pkg_cons_checks 11500   3 years timgraham In sbc_cpl_ice_flx add IF blocks so that code is only called on timesteps …
NEMO_4.0_GO6_mixing 11083   4 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0_GO6_mixing : Update to be relative to rev 11081 of …
NEMO_4.0_GO8_coupled_iodef 11367   4 years dancopsey More print statements including fix
NEMO_4.0_GO8_package 11651   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0_GO8_package : Apply Smagorinsky bug fix (#2318) in GO8 …
NEMO_4.0_GO8_package_text_diagnostics 10950   4 years andmirek GMED 462 replace nprint == 1 with nprint > 3
NEMO_4.0_ICB_melting_temperature 12467   3 years cguiavarch Bug fix. Revert sbcrnf change
NEMO_4.0_icesheet_mass_coupling 11508   3 years dancopsey Make branch to pass icesheet mass to the ocean to feed iceberg calving and …
NEMO_4.0_init_ice 11588   3 years dancopsey Move test for nn_iceini_file to after it is loaded from namelist.
NEMO_4.0_mirror 11081   4 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0_mirror : update to be a copy of rev 11079 of release-4.0.
NEMO_4.0_mirror_SI3_decoupled 11943   3 years andmirek Ticket #2314: remove duplicated definition
NEMO_4.0_mirror_SI3_GPU 13153   3 years andmirek Ticket #2482: fixes after testing with ifort
NEMO_4.0_mirror_text_diagnostics 10988   4 years andmirek GMED 462 fix for previous commit
NEMO_4.0_momentum_trends 11917   3 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0_momentum_trends : 1. Refactor so that ZDF trend always …
NEMO_4.0_mppmask 11458   3 years cguiavarch Read mmpmask from domain_cfg instead of bottom_level
NEMO_4.0_new_runoff_coupling 11509   3 years dancopsey Merge in all the 1D river runoff code as I comitted to the GO6 package …
NEMO_4.0_old_tidal_mixing 11084   4 years davestorkey UKMO/NEMO_4.0_old_tidal_mixing : Update to be relative to rev 11081 of …
NEMO_4.0_OSMOSIS 11860   3 years cguiavarch Update with an updated version of zdfosm.F90 from George Nurser
NEMO_4.0_surge 11453   3 years clne Add land mask when outputting wind field, to prevent XIOS errors when …
r4.0-HEAD_r12713_dan_test_clems_branch 12806   3 years dancopsey Merge in NEMO_4.0.1_old_tidal_mixing
r8395_coupling_sequence 10764   4 years jcastill Minimal set of changes for coupling order
r8395_cpl-pressure 11345   4 years jcastill Some fixes to the pressure correction, when the pressure is received by …
r8395_obs_oper_update 11361   4 years jcastill First version of the new observation branch - it compiles, but has not …
r8395_restart_datestamp 10765   4 years jcastill First set of changes
r12083_coupling_sequence 12519   3 years jcastill Remove some lines of code introduced before so that instability errors are …
r12083_cpl-pressure 12666   3 years jcastill Final changes to make the code more general and working in all cases
r12083_India_uncoupled 12778   3 years jcastill Implement user-defined sbc: tides only
r12083_mix-lyr_diag 12836   3 years jcastill Bug fix: when coupling with waves, the model crashed with an xios error …
r12083_restart_datestamp 12477   3 years jcastill Changes as in the original branch, plus changes for bgc restart (in branch …
r12083_wav_rcv_cpl 12643   3 years jcastill Branch to fix ocean-wave coupling: the ocean does not receive wave fields
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