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[10594]8Sending feedbacks
[10594]11|  Sending feedbacks is a useful way to contribute to NEMO efficency and reliability. Before doing so,
12   please check here :forge:`search <search on the developement platform>` in wiki, tickets, forum and online
13   documentation if the subject has already been discussed. You can either contribute to an existing
14   discussion, or
15| Create an entry for the discussion online, according to your needs
[10594]17- You have a question: create a topic in the appropriate :forge:`discussion <forum>`
18- You would like to raise and issue: open a new ticket of the right type depending of its severity
[10591]20  - "Unavoidable" :forge:`newticket?type=Bug       <bug>`
[10591]22  - "Workable"    :forge:`newticket?type=Defect <defect>`
[10594]24Please follow the guidelines and try to be as specific as possible in the ticket description.
26New development
[10594]29You have build a development relevant for NEMO shared reference: an addition of the source code, 
30a full fork of the reference, ...
[10594]32You may want to share it with the community (see Hack below) or to propose it for implementation in the future
33NEMO release (see Proposal / Task below).
[10594]35The proposals for developments to be included in the shared NEMO reference are first examined by NEMO Developers
36Committee / Scientific Advisory Board.
37The implementation of a new development requires some additionnal work from the intial developer.
38These tasks will need to be scheduled with NEMO System Team.
[10594]44You only would like to inform NEMO community about your developments.
45You can promote your work on NEMO forum gathering  the contributions fromof the community by creating
46a specific topic here :forge:`discussion/forum/5 <dedicated forum>` 
[10591]49Proposal / Task
[10594]52| Your development is quite small, and you would only like to offer it as a possible enhancement. Please suggest it
53  as an enhancement here :forge:`newticket?type=Enhancement <enhancement>` . It will be taken in account, if
54  feasible, by NEMO System Team. To ease the process, it is suggested, rather than attaching the modified
55  routines to the ticket, to highlight the proposed changes by adding to the ticket the output of ``svn diff``
56  or ``svn patch`` from your working copy.
58| Your development seems relevant for addition into the future release of NEMO shared reference.
59  Implementing it into NEMO shared reference following the usual quality control will require some additionnal work
60  from you and also from the NEMO System Team in charge of NEMO development. In order to evaluate the work,
61  your suggestion should be send as a proposed enhancement here :forge:`newticket?type=Enhancement <enhancement>`
62  including description of the development, its implementation, and the existing validations.
64  The proposed enhancement will be examined  by NEMO Developers Committee / Scientific Advisory Board.
65  Once approved by the  Committee, the assicated development task can be scheduled in NEMO development work plan,
66  and tasks distributed between you as initial developer and PI of this development action, and the NEMO System Team.
68  Once sucessful (meeting the usual quality control steps) this action will allow the merge of these developments with
69  other developments of the year, building the future NEMO.
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