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Review of the overall building of any reference manual
Implementation of a compilation process shared between the 3 manuals: now a global document.tex will be used as the main LaTeX file (a symbolic link will refer to it in each ./engine/main directory).
At the time of the manual building, a few small LaTeX files will be imported on the fly from the corresponding folder ./latex/engine/main.

  • definitions.tex: engine, title, author(s), IPSL publication number and DOI ID
  • thanks.tex: list of collaborators to be thanked for the writing/reviewing
  • chapters.tex: ordered list of chapters (relative path to subfiles)
  • appendices.tex: ordered list of subordinate chapters (relative path to subfiles)
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1\subfile{../subfiles/annex_A}             %% Generalised vertical coordinate
2\subfile{../subfiles/annex_B}             %% Diffusive operator
3\subfile{../subfiles/annex_C}             %% Discrete invariants of the eqs.
4\subfile{../subfiles/annex_iso}            %% Isoneutral diffusion using triads
5\subfile{../subfiles/annex_D}             %% Coding rules
7%% Not included
11%\subfile{../subfiles/annex_E}            %% Notes on some on going staff
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