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source: NEMO/trunk/doc/latex/NEMO/main/chapters.tex

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  • Ignore missing namelists (namsbc_isf, namsbc_iscpl and namptr)
  • Removal of references for unused indices (\hfile, \ifile and \jp)
  • Update of .svnignore and svn:ignore properties accordingly
  • Split of manual abstract into a common NEMO abs for all and a specific one for each engine
  • Shrinking variables names used in the frontmatter
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1%% =================================================================================================
2%% Chapters
3%% =================================================================================================
5\subfile{../subfiles/chap_model_basics} %% Continuous equations and assumptions
6\subfile{../subfiles/chap_time_domain}  %% Time discretisation (time stepping strategy)
7\subfile{../subfiles/chap_DOM}          %% Space discretisation
8\subfile{../subfiles/chap_TRA}          %% Tracer advection/diffusion equation
9\subfile{../subfiles/chap_DYN}          %% Dynamics : momentum equation
10\subfile{../subfiles/chap_SBC}          %% Surface Boundary Conditions
11\subfile{../subfiles/chap_LBC}          %% Lateral Boundary Conditions
12\subfile{../subfiles/chap_LDF}          %% Lateral diffusion
13\subfile{../subfiles/chap_ZDF}          %% Vertical diffusion
14\subfile{../subfiles/chap_DIA}          %% Outputs and Diagnostics
15\subfile{../subfiles/chap_OBS}          %% Observation operator
16\subfile{../subfiles/chap_ASM}          %% Assimilation increments
17\subfile{../subfiles/chap_STO}          %% Stochastic param.
18\subfile{../subfiles/chap_misc}         %% Miscellaneous topics
19\subfile{../subfiles/chap_cfgs}         %% Predefined configurations
21%% Not included
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