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Pre-implementation of new cover page and new headings style for reference manuals

Cover page

The layout of the frontpage has been completely redesigned,
a coloured banner has been added to emphasize the title and easily identify each manual
between them.
The chosen color for each document (blue for NEMO, gray for SI3 and green for TOP) will be
used throughout the manual for the links and in the chapter headings.
The list of authors (writers/editors/reviewers) for the version of the manual is given next to
the abstract, which is now included in the frontpage.
A link to an existing ORCID profile for the author precedes its name.
Few settings have been added to each definitions.tex in order to adjust the rendering of the cover page (vertical spaces above and below the title, a subtitle, the width for authors list and
abstract section)


  • header: chapter number and title for even pages, same infos for section otherwise
  • footer: name of the manual and page numbering with the total number of pages (reverse order between odd/even pages)

For the chapter heading, a new style 'Bjornstrup' from fncychap package is now use.


Split the section in two paragraphs for all manuals

  1. Common description with almost the same sentences only customized by the general infos of the model
  2. Specific part for the characteristics of the model


As announced, I have introduced some icons from academicons and fontawesome packages.
It required to switch from pdflatex to xelatex for the compilation and it prevents from now
the building of the whole document.
Also the PDF generated does not look nice due to the font

Work in progress...

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4% ================================================================
5% Disclaimer
6% ================================================================
9Like all components of the modelling framework,
10the \engine\ core engine is developed under the \href{}{CECILL license},
11which is a French adaptation of the GNU GPL (\textbf{G}eneral \textbf{P}ublic \textbf{L}icense).
12Anyone may use it freely for research purposes, and is encouraged to
13communicate back to the \NEMO\ team its own developments and improvements.
15The model and the present document have been made available as a service to the community.
16We cannot certify that the code and its manual are free of errors.
17Bugs are inevitable and some have undoubtedly survived the testing phase.
18Users are encouraged to bring them to our attention.
20The authors assume no responsibility for problems, errors, or incorrect usage of NEMO.
22% ================================================================
23% External resources
24% ================================================================
25\subsubsection*{Other resources}
27Additional information can be found on:
29\item \faWordpress\ the \href{}{website} of the project detailing several
30  associated applications and an exhaustive users bibliography
31\item \faCodeFork\ the \href{}{development platform} of
32  the model with the code repository for the shared reference and some main resources
33  (wiki, ticket system, forums, \ldots) \\
34  \faGithub\ the \href{}
35  {repository of the demonstration cases} for research or training
36\item \faCloudDownload\ the \href{}{online archive}
37  delivering the publications issued by the consortium (manuals, reports, datasets, \ldots)
38\item \faEnvelope\ two mailing lists:
39  the \href{}{newsletter} for
40  top-down communications from the project
41  (announcements, calls, job opportunities, \ldots)
42  and the \href{}{forge updates}
43  (commits, tickets and forums)
46% ================================================================
47% Citation
48% ================================================================
51Reference for papers and other publications is as follows:
53``{\bfseries \heading}'',
54%\firstauthor and \secondauthor,
55{\em Scientific Notes of Climate Modelling Center}, \textbf{\ipslnum} --- ISSN 1288-1619,
56Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL),
60  \begin{minipage}[c]{0.7\textwidth}
61    \small
62    \ttfamily{
63      Scientific Notes of Climate Modelling Center \\
64      ISSN 1288-1619                               \\
65      Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL)
66    }
67  \end{minipage}
68  \hfill
69  \begin{minipage}[c]{0.25\textwidth}
70    \href{}{\includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{logos/IPSL_upright}}
71  \end{minipage}
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