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5.. todo::
9NEMO currently exploits OASIS-3-MCT (versions 1 to 4) to implement a generalised coupled interface
10(:doxy:`Coupled Formulation <node50.html?doc=NEMO>`).
11It can be used to interface with most of the European atmospheric GCM (ARPEGE, ECHAM, ECMWF, Ha- dAM, HadGAM, LMDz), as well as to regional atmospheric models (WRF, COSMO, Meso-NH, AROME).
12To implement the coupling of two independent NEMO components,
13ocean on one hand and sea-ice plus other surface processes on the other hand
14(:doxy:`Standalone Surface Module - SAS <node46.html?doc=NEMO>`).
16To enable the OASIS interface the required compilation key is ``key_oasis3``.
17You must also add ``key_oasis3_v1v2`` if you use OASIS-3-MCT version 1 and 2.
18The parameters to set are in sections ``namsbc_cpl`` and
19in case of using of SAS also in section ``namsbc_sas``.
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