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Overall review of LaTeX sources (not tested completely as of now):

  • Reworking global files: main document.tex, add glossary.tex, cosmetic changes…
  • Ignore missing namelists (namsbc_isf, namsbc_iscpl and namptr)
  • Removal of references for unused indices (\hfile, \ifile and \jp)
  • Update of .svnignore and svn:ignore properties accordingly
  • Split of manual abstract into a common NEMO abs for all and a specific one for each engine
  • Shrinking variables names used in the frontmatter
  • Property svn:executable set to *
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3clean() {
4    printf "\t¤ Clean previous build"
5    find latex/$1/build -mindepth 1 -delete
6    echo
9build() {
10    printf "\t¤ Generation of the PDF export of the manual\n"
11    latexmk -r ./latex/global/ ./latex/$1/main/$1_manual \
12   1> /dev/null
13    [ -f ./latex/$1/build/$1_manual.pdf ] && mv ./latex/$1/build/$1_manual.pdf .
14    echo
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