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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
2011 in branches – NEMO

source: branches/2011 @ 3116

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
UKMO_MERCATOR_obc_bdy_merge 2888   12 years davestorkey Move changes into updated BDY module and restore old OBC code. (Full merge …
dev_UKM0_2011 3078   12 years rfurner ticket #885 small bug fix to bdydta, and changes to documentation and …
dev_r2855_UKMO1_AMMCONFIG 3034   12 years deazer dev_r2855_UKMO1_AMMCONFIG: Added AMM-PISCES Config Requires: cfg.txt, …
dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca 2899   12 years acc Branch 2011/dev_r2855_NOCS_mppsca. Applied full coding conventions and …
dev_r2855_LOCEAN7_SETTE 3023   12 years flavoni put missing . in SETTE
dev_r2855_INGV2_3_blk_wave 3006   12 years poddo Add namsbc_ecmwf and correct default values in namsbc in the Documentation
dev_r2855_CMCC4_con 2973   12 years vichi Modifcation of fmask for momentum advection The modification is …
dev_r2855_CMCC3_divd 3031   12 years vichi corrected a wrong operation and removed a duplicated directory
dev_r2802_UKMO8_sbccpl 3056   12 years charris #662 Additional documentation.
dev_r2802_UKMO8_cice 3041   12 years charris #662 Minor additions to documentation for CICE.
dev_r2802_UKMET3_rebuild 3025   12 years edblockley 6th commit for rebuild branch; Rewirkign the code to allow time chunk …
dev_r2802_TOP_substepping 2971   12 years kpedwards Latest changes for substepping - add key_trabbl.
dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix 2828   12 years acc Branch: dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix. Bugfix to vvl code when using modified …
dev_r2802_NOCL_Smagorinsky 2940   12 years hliu
dev_r2802_NOCL_prjhpg 3080   12 years hliu remove some used local variables from OPA_SRC/DYN/dynhpg.F90
dev_r2802_NOCL_bfrimp 3057   12 years hliu update semi-implicit bottom friction branch, Document has been added in …
dev_r2802_MERCATOR10_diadct 2951   12 years cbricaud corrections
dev_r2802_MERCATOR9_floats 3054   12 years cbricaud add coorections
dev_r2802_LOCEAN10_agrif_lim 2815   12 years rblod branch dev_r2802_LOCEAN10_agrif_lim2: avoid to recompile everything with …
dev_r2802_INGV4_zdfRic 2988   12 years poddo Development DEV2011_INGV4_zdfRic Pakanovsky and Philander
dev_r2802_INGV3_wave 2810   12 years adani Created branch to implement a wave forcing interface
dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment 2968   12 years cetlod dev_r2787_PISCES_improvment:style corrections
dev_r2787_NOCS_NEPTUNE 2915   12 years acc Branch NOCS_NEPTUNE final style changes and documention. See ticket #843
dev_r2787_MERCATOR3_tidalpot 2967   12 years cbricaud Use only ln_tide_pot to activate tidal potential forcing
dev_r2787_MERCATOR2_tidalharm 3043   12 years cbricaud Coding rules
dev_r2787_LOCEAN_offline_fldread 3004   12 years cetlod branch dev_LOCEAN_2011: update arch file for Titane
dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP 3036   12 years cetlod branch 2011/dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP: update documentation
dev_r2784_INGV2_bulk 2786   12 years poddo Created branch to implement a new set bulk formula
dev_r2784_CMCC1_topbfm 2826   12 years vichi dev_r2784_CMCC1_topbfm: Added missing files for the BFM coupling. This is …
dev_r2782_NOCS_Griffies 2969   12 years acc branches/2011/dev_r2782_NOCS_Griffies ticket #838. Final style changes and …
dev_r2769_LOCEAN_dynamic_mem 2776   12 years rblod Add a second solution to find automatically an available working array, …
DEV_r2739_STFC_dCSE 2740   12 years trackstand2 Create a specific branch for the STFC dCSE work, ticket number 813
dev_r2739_LOCEAN8_ZTC 2999   12 years mlelod Bug fix fot non-vvl compilation. see ticket/863?
dev_NOC_UKMO_MERGE 3114   12 years rblod Change AMM to AMM12 in cfg.txt
dev_NOC_2011_MERGE 3099   12 years acc Branch dev_NOC_2011_MERGE. Changes to dynhpg.F90 following review (#866)
dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011 3116   12 years cetlod dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011: add in changes dev_NOC_UKMO_MERGE developments
dev_MERCATOR_INGV_2011_MERGE 3100   12 years cbricaud cosmetic changes for tide namelist
dev_MERCATOR_2011_MERGE 3055   12 years cbricaud add changes from dev_r2802_MERCATOR9_floats
dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_INGV_MERCATOR_2011 3111   12 years flavoni add missing loop in jk, in dynvor.F90
dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_2011 3098   12 years cetlod dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_2011:minor bug correction
dev_LOCEAN_2011 3091   12 years cetlod dev_LOCEAN_2011 : update documentation
dev_INGV_2011 3007   12 years poddo Correct default values in namsbc in the Documentation
dev_CMCC 3033   12 years vichi ticket #881. Step 3: Added changes from dev_r2855_CMCC4_con branch
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