source: branches/2013 @ 4018

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dev_r3406_CNRS_LIM3 3982   8 years clem bug correction for penetrative solar flux
dev_r3411_CNRS4_IOCRS 3897   8 years cetlod 2013/dev_r3411_CNRS4_IOCRS: 2nd step create a new configuration with age …
dev_r3853_CNRS9_ConfSetting 4018   8 years clevy Configuration setting, bugfixes for AGRIF, see ticket:#1074
dev_r3856_MERCATOR3_QSRMEAN24H 3858   8 years cbricaud commit first draft of MERCATOR3_QSRMEAN24H
dev_r3858_CNRS3_Ediag 3894   8 years gm dev_r3858_CNRS3_Ediag: #927 simplification of eosbn2, use of alpha & beta …
dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC 3957   8 years acc Branch 2013/dev_r3858_NOC_ZTC, #863. Fixes to tidal potential forcing …
dev_r3859_martin_lim2_pisces_0000 3886   8 years vancop Define namelist variables
dev_r3867_MERCATOR1_DYN 3970   8 years cbricaud Time splitting update, see ticket #1079
dev_r3918_CNRS_idl_plots 4005   8 years flavoni cosmetic: correct output filename for ts ICE_Vol, in IDL scripts, see …
dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS 4016   8 years cetlod 2013/dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS: update namelits
dev_r3948_CMCC_NorthFold_Opt 3950   8 years epico Create new Branch to introduce the north fold optimization
dev_r3948_NOC_FK 3995   8 years gm dev_r3406_CNRS_LIM3: fix a bug on zpsim_v and remove unnecessary print
dev_r3987_METO1_MERCATOR6_OBC_BDY_merge 4008   8 years davestorkey Uncomment important lines in bdylib.F90!
dev_r3987_UKMO4_OBS 4012   8 years djlea New branch for OBS developments including the offline observation operator
dev_r3996_CMCC6_topbc 4011   8 years vichi Make a generic interface for trcdta when using other BGCM This change …
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