source: branches/2014 @ 5355

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dev_r5134_UKMO4_CF_compliance 5350   6 years hadcv Update to head of the trunk (r5344).
dev_r4879_UKMO_NOC_MERGE 4945   7 years acc Branch dev_r4879_UKMO_NOC_MERGE. Final commits to ensure successful AGRIF …
dev_r4840_CMCC2_mapping 4966   7 years mocavero arch file update
dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE 4962   7 years rblod dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE: stokes-coriolis
dev_r4775_MO_configman 5036   7 years jpaul see ticket 1439 commit config manager
dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif 5081   7 years smasson dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif: final version of tke/agrif?
dev_r4743_NOC2_ZTS 4899   7 years acc Branch 2014/dev_r4743_NOC2_ZTS. Merged in trunk changes from r4743 to …
dev_r4704_NOC5_MPP_BDY_UPDATE 4705   7 years jamesharle Creating a branch to allow the bdy_mask to be read before optimisation of …
dev_r4650_UKMO14.12_STAND_ALONE_OBSOPER 5063   7 years andrewryan gross simplification of stand alone observation operator
dev_r4650_UKMO14.11_SETTE_OBSASM 4987   7 years timgraham Correction to previous commit
dev_r4650_UKMO14.6_ADCP_GRIDDED_OBS_AND_NC4_COMPRESSION 4801   7 years jwhile Branch to contain various NEMOVAR consortium changes
dev_r4650_UKMO14.5_SST_BIAS_CORRECTION 4768   7 years jwhile Adding code for bias correction to SST obs
dev_r4650_UKMO14.4_OBS_GENERAL_VINTERP 5106   7 years jwhile Minor fixes due to review
dev_r4650_UKMO13_CICE_changes_take2 4921   7 years timgraham merged with revision 4879 of trunk
dev_r4650_UKMO12_CFL_diags_take2 4774   7 years timgraham Updated documentation to describe new diagnostics.
dev_r4650_UKMO12_CFL_diagnostic 4709   7 years timgraham Removed cpp key and added a namelist option (nn_diacfl) to the namctl …
dev_r4650_UKMO11_restart_functionality 5340   6 years davestorkey And another one.
dev_r4650_UKMO10_Tidally_Meaned_Diagnostics 5260   6 years deazer Merged branch with Trunk at revision 5253. Checked with SETTE, passes …
dev_r4650_UKMO7_STARTHOUR 5203   6 years timgraham Modifications to tide code to allow a run to start from times other than …
dev_r4650_UKMO3_masked_damping 5101   7 years timgraham Merge of trunk into branch again to check everything is up to date
dev_r4650_UKMO2_ice_shelves 4924   7 years mathiot UKM02_ice_shelves merged and SETTE tested with revision 4879 of trunk
dev_r4642_WavesWG 4960   7 years rblod dev_r4642_WavesWG : stokes-coriolis from sbcwave + time splitting
dev_r4627_COMODO_UPW2D 4648   7 years flavoni add new experience for cas test Upwelling, for WP item CNRS-7
dev_r4621_NOC4_BDY_VERT_INTERP 5038   7 years jamesharle Merging branch with HEAD of the trunk
dev_MERGE_2014 4989   7 years timgraham Merged head of trunk into branch (to retain continuity to help future …
dev_CNRS_CICE 4943   7 years cetlod dev_CNRS_CICE : fix to make NEMO compile with AGRIF
dev_CNRS_2014 4942   7 years cetlod dev_CNRS_2014 : fix to make NEMO compile with AGRIF
dev_CNRS1_2014 4931   7 years cetlod dev_CNRS1_20114
dev_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag 4915   7 years cetlod dev_r4615_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag : add missing lbc_lnk
dev_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF 4620   7 years gm #1260 : LDF improvements, correct a bug in ldfdyn.F90
dev_CNRS0_blk_core 4675   7 years gm #1348 CORE bulk simplification and optimization: changes in sbcblk_core …
dev_4728_CNRS04_coupled_interface 4979   7 years vancop bugfixes found during the merge party
dev_4707_CNRS04_bgc_ice 4722   7 years vancop [sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]
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