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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
2015 in branches – NEMO

source: branches/2015 @ 5117

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dev_r4826_NOC_WAD 5110   9 years hliu Fix a bug in Wetting/Drying? pressure filter in dynspg_ts.F90
dev_r4999_CNRS9_NOC3_LDF 5001   9 years gm Create a specific branch for LDF simplification and improvements
dev_r5003_MERCATOR6_CRS 5105   9 years cbricaud bug correction
dev_r5020_CNRS_DIAPTR 5023   9 years cetlod branch 2015/dev_r5020_CNRS_DIAPTR : Poleward TRansports diagnostics using …
dev_r5021_UKMO1_CICE_coupling 5033   9 years timgraham Changes to use salinity dependent freezing temperature with CICE
dev_r5040_CMCC5_BDY_for_TOP 5041   9 years lovato Development branch CMCC5_BDY_for_TOP ticket #1441.
dev_r5044_CNRS_LIM3CLEAN 5116   9 years clem LIM3: change in the way turbulent heat flux at the ice base is handled of …
dev_r5072_UKMO2_OBS_simplification 5083   9 years mattmartin Create a specific branch simplification of the observation operator code
dev_r5087_NOC2_JATTR 5117   9 years acc #1472. Branch dev_r5087_NOC2_JATTR. Submit documentation prior to final …
dev_r5092_CNRS_SETTE 5095   9 years nicolasmartin Global reorganisation of directory
dev_r5094_UKMO_ISFCLEAN 5114   9 years mathiot restore e3t/w definition as before merge in domzgr + zpshde if ln_isfcav = …
dev_r5102_CNRS11_TestCase 5103   9 years flavoni Create a specific branch for Robustness and Tes Cases; equatorial box, …
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