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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history. in branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/DOC – NEMO

source: branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/DOC/ @ 9346

Last change on this file since 9346 was 9346, checked in by nicolasmartin, 6 years ago

Remove deprecated email for NEMO ST and uncomment \codedisplay command to avoid errors for HTML generation

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File size: 529 bytes
3sed -i -e 's#\\documentclass#%\\documentclass#' -e '/{document}/ s/^/%/' TexFiles/Chapters/*.tex
4sed -i    '30,${s#\\subfile{#\\include{#g}'                              NEMO_book.tex
5latex NEMO_book && makeindex NEMO_book && bibtex NEMO_book
6mkdir -p html
7latex2html -local_icons -no_footnode -split 4 -link 2 -dir html $*
8sed -i -e 's#%\\documentclass#\\documentclass#' -e '/{document}/ s/^%//' TexFiles/Chapters/*.tex
9sed -i    '30,${s#\\include{#\\subfile{#g}'                              NEMO_book.tex
11exit 0
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