source: branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/NEMOGCM/TOOLS @ 9119

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
BDY_TOOLS 3294   9 years rblod Merge of 3.4beta into the trunk
COMPILE 8527   4 years timgraham Fix for #1895
DMP_TOOLS 6385   5 years timgraham #1693: Delete erroneous call to timing_start.F90
DOMAINcfg 9079   3 years flavoni update DOMAINcfg TOOLS, do not need xios anymore
GRIDGEN 2281   11 years smasson set proper svn properties to all files…
MISCELLANEOUS 8509   4 years acc Trunk: Updated script to process all fields in a trajectory mean …
MPP_PREP 6412   5 years lovato Revise domain decomposition with land PEs exclusion (see ticket #1704)
NESTING 8656   4 years jchanut Append child coordinate file when writing level bathymetry, #1968
OBSTOOLS 6143   5 years timgraham Commit to add files that have changed type in dev_merge_2015. Only affects …
REBUILD 2394   11 years rblod Allow rebuild compilation
REBUILD_NEMO 9048   4 years timgraham New version of rebuild_nemo
SCOORD_GEN 6140   5 years timgraham Merge of branches/2015/dev_merge_2015 back into trunk. Merge excludes …
SECTIONS_DIADCT 8126   4 years cbricaud fix in trunk ticket #1906
SIREN 7646   4 years timgraham Merge of dev_merge_2016 into trunk. UPDATE TO ARCHFILES NEEDED for XIOS2. …
WEIGHTS 2718   10 years sga NEMO trunk: small corrections to the weights generation code in the TOOLS …
maketools 4.0 KB 4363   7 years rfurner incuding fcm make option for building executables
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