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pwr7-xlf-meto.cfg in branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/NEMOGCM/fcm-make – NEMO

source: branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/NEMOGCM/fcm-make/pwr7-xlf-meto.cfg @ 9143

Last change on this file since 9143 was 9143, checked in by nicolasmartin, 6 years ago

Testing of 'text/x-makefile' MIME type on cfg file under ./fcm-make

  • Property svn:mime-type set to text/x-makefile
File size: 1.4 KB
1include = $HERE/inc/common.cfg
3$netcdf_path{?}     = /home/cr/ocean/hadcv/netcdf/4.1.3_seq
4$netcdf_inc_path{?} = $netcdf_path/include
5$netcdf_lib_path{?} = $netcdf_path/lib
6$netcdf_lib{?}      = netcdff netcdf hdf5 hdf5_hl hdf5_fortran z
8$xios_path{?}     = /data/nwp/ofrd/share/NEMO/xios_lib/seq/xios_r445
9$xios_inc_path{?} = $xios_path/inc
10$xios_lib_path{?} = $xios_path/lib
11$xios_lib{?}      = xios
13preprocess.prop{fpp.flags}         = -E -P -traditional
14preprocess.prop{fpp.include-paths} = /opt/ibmhpc/pecurrent/ppe.poe/include /usr/lpp/ppe.poe/include/thread64
16build.prop{class,fc}               = mpxlf90_r
17build.prop{class,fc.flags}         = -qrealsize=8 -qextname -qsuffix=f=f90 -qarch=pwr7 -qtune=pwr7 -NS32768 -g -O3 -qnostrict
18build.prop{class,fc.flags-ld}      = -O3
19build.prop{class,fc.include-paths} = $netcdf_inc_path $xios_inc_path
20build.prop{class,fc.libs}          = xlf90 sig $netcdf_lib $xios_lib
21build.prop{class,fc.lib-paths}     = /projects/um1/lib $netcdf_lib_path $xios_lib_path
22build.prop{class,ld}               = mpCC_r
24# WEIGHTS needs a different NetCDF library at the moment
25build.prop{fc.include-paths}[nemo/TOOLS/WEIGHTS] = /home/nwp/ofrd/share/netcdf-3.6.0-p1_ec/include
26build.prop{fc.libs}[nemo/TOOLS/WEIGHTS]          = netcdf
27build.prop{fc.lib-paths}[nemo/TOOLS/WEIGHTS]     = /home/nwp/ofrd/share/netcdf-3.6.0-p1_ec/lib
28build.prop{ld}[nemo/TOOLS/WEIGHTS]               = mpxlf90_r
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