source: branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_DMP_TOOLS/NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_SAS_LIM/cpp_ORCA2_SAS_LIM.fcm @ 14579

Last change on this file since 14579 was 4523, checked in by cetlod, 8 years ago

Removed the non-default CPP key key_nosignedzero : bad performances obtained with the use of this key (20% more in real time) on IBM machine - ADA/CURIE

File size: 178 bytes
1 bld::tool::fppkeys key_trabbl key_lim2 key_dynspg_flt key_diaeiv key_ldfslp key_traldf_c2d key_traldf_eiv key_dynldf_c3d key_zdftke key_zdfddm key_zdftmx key_iomput key_mpp_mpi
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