source: branches/UKMO @ 5443

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
restart_datestamp 5420   6 years davestorkey Remove keyword updating from UKMO restart_datestamp branch.
dev_r5377_UKMO1_CICE_coupling_GSI7 5401   6 years jamrae Corrected a namelist error.
dev_r5107_xios_initialize_toyoce 5277   6 years dancopsey Removed SVN keywords.
dev_r5107_test_branch 5274   6 years davestorkey UKMO test branch: Remove keyword updating.
dev_r5107_mld_zint 5249   6 years davestorkey UKMO mld_zint branch: implement vertically-interpolated MLD.
dev_r5107_hadgem3_mct 5303   6 years dancopsey Used the mod_oasis at the top of lib_mpp.F90.
dev_r5107_eorca025_closea 5308   6 years davestorkey UKMO dev_r5107_eorca025_closea branch: apply changes to closea.F90.
DEV_r5107_dynvor_updates 5256   6 years mikebell Clean up key words
dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision 5242   6 years davestorkey UKMO nn_etau revision branch: update namelist_ref and field_def.xml.
dev_3841_sbc 4827   7 years charris Some demonstration code changes.
2015_CO6_CO5_zenv_wr_direct_dwl_temp 5428   6 years deazer Added incode changes to allow compoarisoin with CO5 after svn keywords …
2015_CO6_CO5_shelfdiagnostic 5427   6 years deazer Added back in basic shelf seas diagnostics after removal of svn keywords. …
2014_Surge_Modelling 5275   6 years rfurner added Charnock coefficient for wind forcing
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