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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
UKMO in branches – NEMO

source: branches/UKMO @ 6362

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
2014_Surge_Modelling 5915   8 years rfurner bug fix to previous commit!
2015_CO6_CO5_shelfdiagnostic 5666   8 years deazer Upgraded branch to VERSION 3 6 STABLE
2015_CO6_CO5_zenv_wr_direct_dwl_temp 5428   8 years deazer Added incode changes to allow compoarisoin with CO5 after svn keywords …
2015_V36_STABLE_CO6_CO5_zenv_pomsdwl 5793   8 years deazer Bug Fix allocation in sbcflx
antarctic_partial_slip 5961   8 years davestorkey UKMO/antarctic_partial_slip branch: commit code change.
CO6_KD490 6354   7 years deazer Remove cs15 keys
dev_3841_sbc 4827   9 years charris Some demonstration code changes.
dev_5518_med_pkg 6197   7 years frrh Test package branch to include medusa coupling interface.
dev_5518_tide_analysis_restart 6117   7 years deazer Add in new routine.
dev_r4650_general_vert_coord_obsoper 6329   7 years kingr SSTbias file variable changed from sst to tn.
dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision 6238   7 years davestorkey Cosmetic changes to UKMO/dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision branch to make …
DEV_r5107_dynvor_updates 5709   8 years davestorkey Updating UKMO/DEV_r5107_dynvor_updates branch to be relative to revision …
dev_r5107_eorca025_closea 5535   8 years davestorkey Update UKMO/dev_r5107_eorca025_closea branch to rev 5518 of trunk (= …
dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplfld 5805   8 years jcastill Added change so that this branch can be merged with branch …
dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplseq 5646   8 years dancopsey Moved sbc_cpl_alloc to be before sbc_cpl_init so that xcplmask in …
dev_r5107_hadgem3_mct 6355   7 years dancopsey Make MCT compatible with land suppression.
dev_r5107_iceshelf_fw_input_coupled_model 5511   8 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r5107_iceshelf_fw_input_coupled_model branch: clear SVN keywords
dev_r5107_Med_int_pkg 6189   7 years frrh Initial branch setup
dev_r5107_mld_zint 6335   7 years timgraham Added nam_tmx_new namelist to namelist_ref to avoid a conflict in merge …
dev_r5107_restart_date 5497   8 years dancopsey Moved location of where ln_rstdate is initialised to avoid conflict.
dev_r5107_restart_func_and_date 6310   7 years dancopsey Making use of ANINT to round the date of the dumps to the nearest whole …
dev_r5107_test_branch 5274   8 years davestorkey UKMO test branch: Remove keyword updating.
dev_r5107_xios_initialize_toyoce 6242   7 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r5107_xios_initialize_toyoce branch. Clear SVN keywords (because …
dev_r5377_UKMO1_CICE_coupling_GSI7 5522   8 years dancopsey Move the location where sstfrz is populated to after it is allocated …
dev_r5518_add_var_to_assim_bkg 6243   7 years kingr Corrected the writing of the asssim backgroud - added avt, removed gcx.
dev_r5518_amm15_test 6344   7 years jgraham Edit to dtatsd.F90 to prevent vertical interpolation of T/S from initial …
dev_r5518_bdy_sponge_temp 5878   8 years deazer Adds simple ramp of diffusion coefficient in BDY rim using TANH weighting
dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7 5618   8 years dancopsey Stripped out SVN keywords.
dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7_GSI8 5738   8 years dancopsey Applied bug fix to sublimation of sea ice.
dev_r5518_CICE_with_key_asminc 6169   7 years kingr Trying to resolve merge conflicts
dev_r5518_ciceiau 6299   7 years drew UKMO CICE Ticket#68. Commit NEMO changes require to run CICE-IAU.
dev_r5518_clean_shutdown 5675   8 years dancopsey Applied clean shutdown code imported from Met Office internal branch …
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice 6023   8 years davestorkey Bug fix for UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice branch: protect a …
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_bc 6359   7 years dancopsey Removed SVN keywords.
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_bitcomp 6362   7 years dancopsey Stripped out SVN keywords.
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_with_key_asminc 6176   7 years kingr Commented out CICE to NEMO variable which break fcm build
dev_r5518_fix_global_ice 6343   7 years frrh Commit working version demonstrating bit comparable results over different …
dev_r5518_flux_adjust 5895   8 years kuniko Made treatment of river mouth grids consistent in nn_flxadjfw 1&2.
dev_r5518_FOAM_local 5615   8 years cguiavarch Clear svn keywords
dev_r5518_med_test 6200   7 years frrh Merge in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice@5797 and MY …
dev_r5518_medusa_cpl_rh 6171   7 years frrh Add MEDUSA coupling interface code. Much of this is temporary and needs …
dev_r5518_pcbias 6337   7 years jenniewaters Removing lk_asminc from bias.F90.
dev_r5518_pkg 6196   7 years frrh Remove mysterious "trunk" content which seems to have appeared for reasons …
dev_r5518_rm_um_cpl 5884   8 years jcastill Fix coupling without atmosphere and without diurnal cycle of solar forcing
dev_r5518_seaiceobs 6284   7 years drew References to frld not needed in not key_lim2 or key_lim3 cases.
dev_r5518_Surge_Modelling 6274   7 years rfurner bug fix, removing duplicate definitions or restart in and out dirs
dev_r5518_toyoce_cpl 6266   7 years frrh Change the executable name expected by OASIS
dev_r5518_ukv_mslp 5826   8 years jcastill Allocate mslp variables independently in case the albedo is not coupled
dev_r5518_ww3_coupling 6293   7 years jcastill Revert previous changes, they were not necessary
dev_r5783_nemo3.6_fix_date_in_ref_namelist 6236   7 years kingr Corrected a few namelist logicals missing the trailing fullstop (false. -> …
icebergs_latent_heat 5821   8 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_latent_heat branch: 1. Include latent heat term. 2. New …
icebergs_restart_single_file 6020   8 years timgraham Merged with head of trunk
lateral_friction_edit 5874   8 years antsia move branch from a wrong place
nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy 6334   7 years timgraham Added domain_def file for XIOS2 test
nemo_v3_6_STABLE_pkg 6263   7 years frrh Merge branches/UKMO/icebergs_latent_heat [5808:5821]
product_diagnostics 6349   7 years davestorkey Temporary fix for bug in NEMO whereby grid cell thicknesses were written …
r5643_buildWithOasisNoKeys 5651   8 years stephenhaddad Move to correct location
restart_datestamp 6336   7 years mathiot correction of truncation error for rst date stamp
smagorinsky_diagnostics 5702   8 years davestorkey Add in new diagnostics.
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