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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
UKMO in branches – NEMO

source: branches/UKMO @ 9595

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
2014_Surge_Modelling 5915   9 years rfurner bug fix to previous commit!
2015_CO6_CO5_shelfdiagnostic 6549   8 years deazer bug fix index for bottom
2015_CO6_CO5_zenv_wr_direct_dwl_temp 5428   9 years deazer Added incode changes to allow compoarisoin with CO5 after svn keywords …
2015_V36_STABLE_CO6_CO5_zenv_pomsdwl 5793   9 years deazer Bug Fix allocation in sbcflx
2017_dev_r7573_oasis 8975   7 years andmirek #1868 first working branch
AMM15_v3_6_STABLE 7976   7 years jgraham Changes to available diagnostics: Kara MLD diagnostics: …
AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package 9538   6 years jcastill Same bug fix as in r9473 of the branch - see comment to previous revision
AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_debug 8264   7 years niall
AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_UKEP 8757   7 years jcastill Changes to the branch to make it merge with branch …
AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_withNOOS 9474   6 years deazer 25h mean bugfix needed for midnight crossover
antarctic_partial_slip 5961   9 years davestorkey UKMO/antarctic_partial_slip branch: commit code change.
CO5_package_branch 7367   8 years deazer Contains merged code for CO5 reference.
CO6_KD490 8932   7 years jcastill Fix relative wind calculation: the winds are received on the U,V grid, not …
CO6_KD490_amm7_oper 7592   7 years kingr Adding new files missed in previous commit.
CO6_KD490_amm7_oper_fabm 8173   7 years dford Add 25 hour mean zooplankton diagnostic.
CO6_KD490_amm7_oper_fabm_hem08 9336   6 years dford Add growth and loss diagnostics.
CO6_Restartable_Tidal_Analysis 7333   8 years deazer Correct Precision issue with I/O
CO6_shelfclimate 7626   7 years hadjt Added CO5 code to catch water below freezing, and reset to freezing point …
CO6_shelfclimate_fabm 8672   7 years hadjt Updated diaregmean.F90: - outputs BGC variables - outputs depth …
dev_3.6_FVPS 8476   7 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_3.6_FVPS : implement FVPS HPG scheme.
dev_3841_sbc 4827   10 years charris Some demonstration code changes.
dev_5518_shlat2d 6568   8 years mathiot UKMO/dev_5518_shlat2d: add variable slip condition
dev_5518_tide_analysis_restart 6686   8 years deazer Added extra option to compute final harmonic analysis or not
dev_5518_xios_definitions 7650   7 years andmirek #1840 : if(PRESENT) for eanch OPTIONAL variable in iom.F90
dev_diaptr_ref_lat_used_in_plot 7676   7 years mathiot move test point from (180.,90.) to (-168.7, 65.6 ie a point across Bering …
dev_isf_remapping_UKESM_GO6package_r9314 9513   6 years mathiot Add option to detect and remove subglacial lake (do not affect closed sea …
dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface 9503   6 years davestorkey Add in missing updates to sbc_ice.F90.
dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing 9568   6 years davestorkey Update branch to be relative to rev 9565 of dev_merge_2017.
dev_r4650_general_vert_coord_obsoper 9013   7 years dford Update to read in and write out logchl obs STD values. See internal Met …
dev_r4650_general_vert_coord_obsoper_pfts 9054   7 years dford Merge in fix for reading/write logchl STD values.
dev_r4650_general_vert_coord_obsoper_removetides 7375   8 years mattmartin Added code to branch to allow sla model counterpart to be a time-average.
dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision 6238   8 years davestorkey Cosmetic changes to UKMO/dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision branch to make …
DEV_r5107_dynvor_updates 5709   9 years davestorkey Updating UKMO/DEV_r5107_dynvor_updates branch to be relative to revision …
dev_r5107_eorca025_closea 6390   8 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r5107_eorca025_closea branch: update closea definitions for …
dev_r5107_iceshelf_fw_input_coupled_model 5511   9 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r5107_iceshelf_fw_input_coupled_model branch: clear SVN keywords
dev_r5107_mld_zint 6803   8 years timgraham Correction to namelist_ref to avoid an error with some compilers. Namelist …
dev_r5107_restart_date 5497   9 years dancopsey Moved location of where ln_rstdate is initialised to avoid conflict.
dev_r5107_restart_func_and_date 6310   8 years dancopsey Making use of ANINT to round the date of the dumps to the nearest whole …
dev_r5107_test_branch 5274   9 years davestorkey UKMO test branch: Remove keyword updating.
dev_r5377_UKMO1_CICE_coupling_GSI7 5522   9 years dancopsey Move the location where sstfrz is populated to after it is allocated …
dev_r5518_1d_cpl 9352   6 years frrh Branch to merge my changes for 0d and 1d field coupling on a master PE …
dev_r5518_25hr_mean_assim_bkg 7476   8 years kingr Minor change from code reiew.
dev_r5518_add_var_to_assim_bkg 6407   8 years jenniewaters Replace removed white space to avoid conflicts with other branches.
dev_r5518_amm15_test 6662   8 years jgraham AMM15 is not running with CICE, so need to prevent unrealistically low …
dev_r5518_bdy_sponge_temp 5878   9 years deazer Adds simple ramp of diffusion coefficient in BDY rim using TANH weighting
dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7 5618   9 years dancopsey Stripped out SVN keywords.
dev_r5518_CICE_coupling_GSI7_GSI8 5738   9 years dancopsey Applied bug fix to sublimation of sea ice.
dev_r5518_CICE_with_key_asminc 6169   8 years kingr Trying to resolve merge conflicts
dev_r5518_ciceiau 6902   8 years drew UKMO CICE Ticket#68. Fix bug in delivery of sea ice increments to CICE …
dev_r5518_clean_shutdown 5675   9 years dancopsey Applied clean shutdown code imported from Met Office internal branch …
dev_r5518_cleanup_1d_cpl 9280   6 years frrh Add support for reading in nn_cpl_river, the number of rivers to be dealt …
dev_r5518_convadj 6849   8 years timgraham Added missing timing_stop call
dev_r5518_convadj_clean 6872   8 years timgraham Add forgotten PUBLIC declaration
dev_r5518_couple_chlorophyll 8235   7 years frrh Update branch in line with current head of GO6 package branch at revision …
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice 6023   9 years davestorkey Bug fix for UKMO/dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice branch: protect a …
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_bitcomp 6675   8 years dancopsey Reversed changeset 6458 as I don't want to use revision 6436 of …
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_bitcomp-NIWA-N96-ORCA1 6818   8 years jonnywilliams NIWA merge conflicts fix
dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice_with_key_asminc 6176   8 years kingr Commented out CICE to NEMO variable which break fcm build
dev_r5518_eliminate_stop_on_trend_diag_check 6475   8 years drew UKMO NEMO Ticket#609. Change ctl_stop to ctl_warn on check for trend …
dev_r5518_fa_am_dt_deltadelta_toa 7169   8 years kuniko Corrected to only apply delta_toa & delta_delta_toa to heat flux adjusted …
dev_r5518_fix_diag_bitcomp 9512   6 years frrh Correct lbc_lnk call and fix initialisation bugs in diaptr.
dev_r5518_fix_subbasin_io 9174   6 years frrh Force a failure if subbasins file is not openened properly!
dev_r5518_flush_time_step_file 8683   7 years dancopsey Add flush statement in between the write and rewind statements.
dev_r5518_flux_adjust 7053   8 years kuniko Removed $Id
dev_r5518_flux_correction 8897   7 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r5518_flux_correction branch: update formulation.
dev_r5518_FOAM_local 7688   7 years anaguiar Reverting earlier changes that were a mistake. The interpolation to the …
dev_r5518_GC3_couple_pkg 9162   6 years dancopsey Remove rogue spaces that were causing problems with merging with other …
dev_r5518_GC3p0_package 6457   8 years dancopsey Merged in changeset 6238 of dev_r5021_nn_etau_revision
dev_r5518_GC3p0_package_v2 6679   8 years malcolmroberts Merged in changes from v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics up to revision 6674
dev_r5518_GO6_allow_trends 8340   7 years marc Further clearance of keywords
dev_r5518_GO6_CarbFix_DMSMin 9087   7 years alistairsellar Constants for min=1.0
dev_r5518_GO6_fix_trc_restart 9165   6 years marc Applying fix from changeset 7654 of the NEMO 3.6 Stable branch at IPSL
dev_r5518_GO6_lock_test 8452   7 years frrh Lock files
dev_r5518_GO6_namelist_read 9434   6 years andmirek #2067 add atribute for file opening
dev_r5518_GO6_package 9583   6 years frrh Commit Stephen Haddad's …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_asm_3d_bgc 9435   6 years dford Allow assimilation of PFT chlorophyll.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_asm_surf_bgc 8485   7 years dford Mask logchl increments in the ITF region.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_asm_surf_bgc_v2 9263   6 years dford Bug fix for building physics-only.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_avgback 8418   7 years mattmartin Updated branch of GO6 package branch to enable averaging the assimilation …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_bblkeyfix 8604   7 years timgraham Added key_old_bbl_non_conserve
dev_r5518_GO6_package_fix_rnf_MOCI_TEST_SUITE 8195   7 years andmirek ticket #1914 : merge branch branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package_XIOS_read
dev_r5518_GO6_package_FOAMv14 9288   6 years anaguiar Changes to read weight of sprecip from namsbc_core, branch to replace …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_for_static_diagnostics 7605   7 years timgraham Added field for dynldf_c3d case
dev_r5518_GO6_package_FVPS 8112   7 years davestorkey UKMO/branch/dev_r5518_GO6_package_FVPS: FVPS implementation
dev_r5518_GO6_package_inc_asm 8273   7 years jwhile Minor fixes
dev_r5518_GO6_package_lim3 8540   7 years timgraham Changes required to get GO6 running with LIM3 (updated LIM3 and associated …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_MEDUSA_extra_CMIP6_diags 7086   8 years malcolmroberts Added input variables needed for file reading
dev_r5518_GO6_package_moci_xios2 9562   6 years stephenhaddad MOCI #314: Updated config to work with MOCI build/test suite.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_msfeiv_fix 8635   7 years timgraham Correct calculation of EIV overturning streamfunction
dev_r5518_GO6_package_netcdf4 7898   7 years andmirek key_netcdf4 when openning existing file for writing
dev_r5518_GO6_package_OMP 9176   6 years andmirek #2001: OMP directives
dev_r5518_GO6_package_r7750_plus_form_drag 8351   7 years jamrae Debugging.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_r8356_plus_form_drag 8848   7 years jamrae Renamed variable fmdice as rough_ice_fmd. Deleted some temporary write …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_rigorous_compile_fix 9582   6 years stephenhaddad GMED #390: Added in implicit none missed in previous commit.
dev_r5518_GO6_package_w_keyasminc 7749   7 years kingr Adding code changes from …
dev_r5518_GO6_package_XIOS_read 9424   6 years andmirek #1881 initialize multidimensional array to 0 for XIOS read in iom_get_123d
dev_r5518_GO6_pkg_test_sst 8689   7 years frrh Save revised form of magic word for PP search
dev_r5518_haney_arctic_mask 7044   8 years kuniko Initial commit
dev_r5518_haney_arctic_mask_for_tests 7031   8 years kuniko test mode
dev_r5518_haney_fa_delta_toa 6915   8 years kuniko Branch that incorporates delta TOA to flux_adjust branch
dev_r5518_landsuppression_fix 7119   8 years jenniewaters Bug fix for land-suppression. See …
dev_r5518_medusa_chg_trc_bio_medusa 8076   7 years marc Removed wrk_alloc and wrk_dealloc from bio_medusa_* routines
dev_r5518_medusa_fix_restart 7870   7 years marc Remove debugging comment
dev_r5518_min_temp_wo_ice 7614   7 years kingr Code changes to prevent water temperature falling below pressure-dependent …
dev_r5518_nemo_fabm_ukmo 7829   7 years dford Add a version of the NEMO-FABM coupling code. In theory, this should give …
dev_r5518_new_runoff_coupling 9566   6 years dancopsey Use complex numbers in area calculations.
dev_r5518_nn_etau_revision 7295   8 years till reverting the changes made before (zmax_scale and zpdlr, in zdftke.F90) …
dev_r5518_obs_oper_update 9486   6 years kingr Minor bugfix to allow code to build w/o key_asminc.
dev_r5518_obs_oper_update_gridlocalfix 9172   6 years jenniewaters temporary fix to get ln_grid_global equals false working.
dev_r5518_obs_oper_update_obserr 8871   7 years mattmartin Bug fixes for passing STD variable through from input obs files to output …
dev_r5518_passive_tracers_foam 8405   7 years dford Update trend diagnostics in field_def_ptracer.xml.
dev_r5518_pcbias 7679   7 years isabella added changes to be consistent with go6
dev_r5518_pcbias_ipc 8446   7 years anaguiar More changes to avoid conflict merge
dev_r5518_rm_um_cpl 5884   9 years jcastill Fix coupling without atmosphere and without diurnal cycle of solar forcing
dev_r5518_rnf_fix 7802   7 years frrh Apply identical fixes for rnf field as per Tim's …
dev_r5518_sea_ice_form_drag 8348   7 years jamrae Moved call to cice2nemo for roughness length, to try to avoid conflicts.
dev_r5518_seaiceobs 6284   8 years drew References to frld not needed in not key_lim2 or key_lim3 cases.
dev_r5518_sshiau_off 7697   7 years anaguiar Clear svn keywords
dev_r5518_sshinc_with_VVL 6660   8 years drew Commit changes to trasbc for proper conservation with ssh incrementing …
dev_r5518_sst_landsea_cpl 6709   8 years huwlewis Update UKMO keywords within branch for local build
dev_r5518_Surge_Modelling 8216   7 years clne Fix incorrect comment
dev_r5518_ukv_mslp 5826   9 years jcastill Allocate mslp variables independently in case the albedo is not coupled
dev_r5518_v3.6_asm_nemovar_community 7803   7 years dford Merge in changes to allow a maximum chlorophyll assimilation increment to …
dev_r5518_v3.6_asm_nemovar_community_ersem_hem08 9331   6 years dford Add balancing code.
dev_r5518_v3.6_asm_nemovar_community_logchlbal 8438   7 years dford Initial implementation of Jozef S's code to do multivariate balancing with …
dev_r5518_ww3_coupling 6733   8 years jcastill Send only ssh when coupling with water levels (no bathymetry)
dev_r5783_nemo3.6_fix_date_in_ref_namelist 6465   8 years kingr Reverted removal of dobsini and dobsend from namelist_ref; resolved …
dev_r5785_SSS_obsoper 7862   7 years mattmartin Change standard output writing.
dev_r6237_moci_GC3 6883   8 years stephenhaddad Commented out script code to remove oasis link arguments and corrected …
dev_r6393_CO6_package_trunk 7023   8 years deazer Include update for restart date labelling for rose cycling.
dev_r6436_linkOasisNoKeys 6880   8 years stephenhaddad crum #160fixing compatibility between xios-1.0 and NEMO v3.6 STABLE …
DEV_r6501_FVPS 6867   8 years mikebell finite volume partial cells with sloping bathymetry
dev_r6501_GO6_package_trunk 6825   8 years timgraham As used for GO6 from trunk test
DEV_r6721_FVPC 6940   8 years mikebell Finite volume partial cells code
dev_r6820_moci_GC3_xios2 9547   6 years stephenhaddad test commit
dev_r6912_GO6_package 9132   6 years andmirek #1868 changes enabling coupling
dev_r7506_v36stable_Plymouth 7868   7 years fwobus Create branch for Plymouth Uni NEMO code
dev_r7573_xios_write 8310   7 years andmirek #1882 works with AGRIF and few small fixes/changes
dev_r7651_GO6pck_shlat2d 7678   7 years mathiot add option to read shlat2d
dev_r7681_rebuild_nemo 7687   7 years timgraham Reduce chunksize so that ORCA12 restart files can be rebuilt without …
dev_r7750_GO6_package_oasis_timers 9317   6 years andmirek #1978 fix in restart read timing (from review)
dev_r7837_avg_obsoper 7838   7 years mattmartin Create a branch of the dev_r5785_SSS_obsoper branch, in order to add in …
dev_r8126_LIM3_couple 8892   7 years frrh Commit updates with debugging write statements.
dev_r8183_GC_couple_pkg 8734   7 years dancopsey Make repcmo routine available to other files.
dev_r8183_ICEMODEL_rstdate_test 8953   7 years frrh First working version relative to NEMOv4.0+LIM3
dev_r8183_ICEMODEL_svn_removed 8916   7 years alexwestmohc Protected reading and writing of top layer ice temperature and effective …
dev_r8356_GO6_package_oasis_timers 8745   7 years andmirek #1978 nemogcm.F90 activate writing timing when nn_timing is 2
dev_r8600_closea_rewrite 9155   6 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r8600_closea_rewrite branch: Remove wrk_alloc statements in line …
dev_r8600_nn_etau_options 8880   7 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r8600_nn_etau_options branch: commit code.
dev_r8814_surge_modelling_Nemo4 9293   6 years clne Add ref namelist to the AMM7_SURGE config folder
dev_r8864_restart_date 9411   6 years davestorkey UKMO/dev_r8864_restart_date branch: bug fix.
dev_renaming_icb_traj_output 7674   7 years mathiot set the iceberg trajectory output to trajectory_icebergs_<date_ini …
GO6_dyn_vrt_diag 9022   7 years glong Removed old dyn_vrt_dia subrouting and associated code. Updated trdvor to …
GO6_package_r8356_CICEnudging 8899   7 years hadlh Removed unecessary print statements and stopped the passing back of salf …
icebergs_latent_heat 5821   9 years davestorkey UKMO/icebergs_latent_heat branch: 1. Include latent heat term. 2. New …
icebergs_restart_single_file 6020   9 years timgraham Merged with head of trunk
icebergs_restart_single_file_corrected 6480   8 years davestorkey Bug fixes for icbrst.F90 in UKMO/icebergs_restart_single_file_corrected …
lateral_friction_edit 5874   9 years antsia move branch from a wrong place
multi_age_6550 6921   8 years antsia from v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics@6550
nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy 6436   8 years timgraham Updated to r6424 of nemo_v3_6_STABLE
nemo_v3_6_STABLE_copy-NIWA-N96-ORCA1 6817   8 years jonnywilliams fixing conflicts
obs_oper_do_not_assim_update 7932   7 years jwhile Bug fixes
product_diagnostics 6875   8 years davestorkey UKMO/product_diagnostics branch: add thickness-weighted quadratic …
r5518_amm15_test 7145   8 years jcastill Changes as in branch UKMO/dev_r5518_amm15_test@6662
r5518_bdy_sponge_temp 7123   8 years jcastill Changes as in UKMO/dev_r5518_bdy_sponge_temp@5878
r5518_INGV1_WAVE-coupling 7155   8 years jcastill Fix small bug (forgot to declare one variable) and some cosmetic changes
r5518_rm_um_cpl 7142   8 years jcastill Changes as in branch UKMO/dev_r5518_rm_um_cpl@5884
r5518_sst_landsea_cpl 7151   8 years jcastill Changes as in branch UKMO/dev_r5518_sst_landsea_cpl@6709
r5643_buildWithOasisNoKeys 5651   9 years stephenhaddad Move to correct location
r5936_CO6_CO5_shelfdiagnostic 7113   8 years jcastill Remove again the svn keywords, as it did not work before
r5936_CO6_CO5_zenv_pomsdwl 7120   8 years jcastill Changes as in branch UKMO/2015_V36_STABLE_CO6_CO5_zenv_pomsdwl@5793
r5936_hadgem3_cplfld 7150   8 years jcastill Move one line of code to allow merging with another branch
r5936_hadgem3_cplseq 7253   8 years jcastill Bug fix for the UKEP project, where we couple 3 different models and use …
r5936_hadgem3_mct 7129   8 years jcastill As in UKMO/dev_r5107_hadgem3_mct@5631
r5936_INGV1_WAVE-coupling 7360   8 years jcastill Final changes as they are going to the trunk after Nov-2016 merge party
r5936_restart_datestamp 7114   8 years jcastill Changes as in UKMO/restart_datestamp@6336
r6232_CO6_CO5_zenv_pomsdwl 8412   7 years jcastill Minor modification to avoid merging problems
r6232_hadgem3_cplfld 9595   6 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: move remaining dev branch to the …
r6232_hadgem3_cplseq 7460   8 years jcastill Changes as in branches/UKMO/dev_r5107_hadgem3_cplseq
r6232_hadgem3_mct 7457   8 years jcastill Changes as in /branches/UKMO/dev_r5107_hadgem3_mct
r6232_HZG_WAVE 7808   7 years jcastill Remove svn keyword, which I forgot before making the science changes - at …
r6232_HZG_WAVE-coupling 9466   6 years jcastill Move again some lines to allow merging with operational branches
r6232_INGV1_WAVE-coupling 7863   7 years jcastill Fix bug in the Stokes drift calculation
r6232_rnf_cplmask 9283   6 years jcastill Remove svn keywords
r6232_sst_landsea_cpl 7466   8 years jcastill Changes as in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_sst_landsea_cpl
r6232_tracer_advection 9299   6 years jcastill First implementation of tracers - it has not been properly tested yet
r8727_WAVE-2_Clementi_add_coupling 8913   7 years jcastill Complete boundaries when updating wind stress with the ocean wind stress …
restart_datestamp 6336   8 years mathiot correction of truncation error for rst date stamp
ROMS_WAD_7832 9150   6 years deazer Sign fix and deal with bdy corner points.
SINGV_NEMO_5518 8034   7 years csanchez Added terms to compute dT/dt
smagorinsky_diagnostics 5702   9 years davestorkey Add in new diagnostics.
test_moci_test_suite 9541   6 years andmirek move sbc_init above dom_init
test_moci_test_suite_namelist_read 9443   6 years andmirek #2050 move sbc_init to original place
test_r7519_MEDUSA_anderson_DMSmin 8122   7 years alistairsellar Reduce the Anderson DMS minimum (and the constant for log term) from 2.29 …
test_r7519_MEDUSA_anderson_DMSminramp 8124   7 years alistairsellar Introduce a ramp to the minimum term so that it scales with fq1. It cannot …
v3_6_extra_CMIP6_diagnostics 7492   8 years timgraham Final merge of head of v3.6 STABLE branch into this branch
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