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NEMO branch nemo_v3_3_beta
Add NOCS tools based on SCRIP package for creating weights for interpolation on the fly
These now should build with the maketools script in the TOOLS directory using the same
architecture configuration file as the model (hopefully)

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2      This directory contains some grid files in netCDF format
3      for use in the SCRIP remapping package.
5      In addition, there are several source codes for creating
6      netCDF files for use in SCRIP:
8      convertPOPT.f  - converts input grid files for the POP
9                       ocean model to SCRIP netCDF format
11      convertgauss.f - creates a SCRIP netCDF grid file for
12                       a Gaussian lat/lon grid that a global
13                       spectral model would use
15      convert_old.f  - converts old grid files from a previous
16                       version of the SCRIP routines
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