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NEMO branch nemo_v3_3_beta
Add NOCS tools based on SCRIP package for creating weights for interpolation on the fly
These now should build with the maketools script in the TOOLS directory using the same
architecture configuration file as the model (hopefully)

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1Release 1.1
3Modified for compilation by fcm in NEMO 3.3 framework.
4SCRIP 1.4 package included in unmodified form.
5python script added to transform into correct shape for fcm, producing copied code in 'src' directory
7scripshape.F90 now has one possible command line argument: the namelist file
8               from which it reads the names of the input and output files
9               as well as the value for the cyclicity attribute
11Because gfortran doesnt understand ICHAR and GETCHAR system routines default behaviour of all programs
12is to ask for namelist filename during execution rather than reading it from the command line.
13Define symbol ARGC at compilation to return to original command line behaviour.
15Release 1.0
17Routines written by sga and acc at NOCS to use SCRIP library to produce weights
19Compilation by makefile and explicit compiler and options.
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