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NEMO branch nemo_v3_3_beta
Add NOCS tools based on SCRIP package for creating weights for interpolation on the fly
These now should build with the maketools script in the TOOLS directory using the same
architecture configuration file as the model (hopefully)

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2      SCRIP code, version 1.4, from Los Alamos National Laboratory (
4      Changes made at NOCS for inclusion of weights generation code in NEMO 3.3 and later:
6          - File extensions changed from '.f' to '.f90'
7          - File netcdf.f renamed as netcdf_mod.f90 to avoid clash with netcdf library module filename
8          - File netcdf.f modified to add error message to netcdf_error_handler
9          - Small bug in remap_conserv when using gfortran compiler: replace ". and." with " .and."
10          - continuation lines reformatted with '&' moved from the start of the continuation line to
11            the end of the line before
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