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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
branches – NEMO

source: branches @ 1896

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
CMIP5_IPSL 1880   14 years aclsce Put in CMIP5_IPSL branch bug fixes for diaptr code, see ticket:#361
dev_001_GM 955   16 years cetlod phasing the OFFLINE module to the new version of NEMO, see ticket 146
dev_005_AWL 1804   14 years sga merge of trunk changes from r1782 to r1802 into NEMO branch dev_005_AWL
DEV_1821_example 1872   14 years nemodeveloper add a structure in the module_example, see ticket #672
DEV_r1784_3DF 1856   14 years smasson fldread_3D: small bugfix and style
dev_r1821_mixed_ldfdyn 1840   14 years edblockley 2nd commit for mixed_ldfdyn to include premlinary namelist and …
dev_r1821_sbccpl_icecat 1838   14 years charris Create a branch to allow sbccpl to cope flexibly with different numbers of …
DEV_r1826_DOC 1843   14 years gm DEV_r1826_DOC : use the input file index command, see ticket: #658
DEV_r1837_mass_heat_salt_fluxes 1859   14 years gm ticket:#665 step 2 & 3: heat content in qns & new forcing terms
DEV_r1837_MLF 1870   14 years gm ticket: #663 step-1 : introduce the modified forcing term
DEV_r1879_FCM 1893   14 years flavoni creating FCM branch, see ticket : #676
libIGCM 1733   15 years flavoni updated namelist (like in trunk ORCA2_LIM; use integer in calendar, see …
TAM_V3_0 1889   14 years rblod Add a sample configuration for TAM
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