source: branches @ 2241

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
TAM_V3_0 1947   11 years rblod adjustement for TAM branch
libIGCM 1733   12 years flavoni updated namelist (like in trunk ORCA2_LIM; use integer in calendar, see …
devukmo2010 2206   11 years rfurner small bug fix
devmercator2010_1 2209   11 years cbricaud update branch with head of trunk
devmercator2010 2077   11 years cbricaud commit change from DEV_r1784_3DF
DEV_r2191_3partymerge2010 2235   11 years cbricaud correction to avoid segmentation fault
dev_r2174_DCY 2216   11 years smasson diurnal cycle in coupled mode in dev_r2174_DCY, see ticket:730
DEV_r2106_LOCEAN2010 2240   11 years cetlod Suppression of key_zco everywhere in the code
dev_r2091_ZTC 2116   11 years mlelod ticket: #720 restart the branch from the latest DEV_r1837_MLF branch …
DEV_r2006_merge_TRA_TRC 2194   11 years cetlod ensure restartability of PISCES
DEV_r1986_BDY_updates 2168   11 years rblod Cosmetic changes on BDY branch
DEV_r1924_visbeck 2176   11 years sga NEMO branch DEV_r1924_visbeck. Add code to be cut from branch …
DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys 2201   11 years acc NEMO branch DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys. Merge in trunk chaanges from r1924 to …
DEV_r1879_FCM 2241   11 years rblod Compatibility to new OFFLINE structure on FCM branch
DEV_r1837_MLF 2112   11 years mlelod ticket: #663 introduce dia_hsb_init routine (called by opa_init)
DEV_r1837_mass_heat_salt_fluxes 1859   12 years gm ticket:#665 step 2 & 3: heat content in qns & new forcing terms
DEV_r1826_DOC 2226   11 years gm ticket:#658 update ZDF with TKE time-stepping and GLS scheme
dev_r1821_sbccpl_icecat 2063   11 years charris First set of changes in prepration for multi-category ice fields, see …
DEV_R1821_Rivers 2173   11 years rfurner updated namelists
dev_r1821_mixed_ldfdyn 2182   11 years edblockley 3rd commit for mixed_ldfdyn to include the remainder of the namelist …
DEV_r1784_mid_year_merge_2010 2006   11 years acc ticket #684 step 9a: Code fixes to achieve first successful compilation of …
DEV_r1784_GLS 2081   11 years cbricaud correction of bug about the generic name of vertical scales factors
DEV_r1784_3DF 2125   11 years cbricaud modification: don't allocate fdta arrays when time-interpollation is not …
DEV_1879_mpp_sca 1926   12 years acc First implementation of mpp scalability modifications …
DEV_1879_mpp_rep 2003   11 years rblod Add missing module for mpp reproducibility, see ticket #677
DEV_1821_example 1872   12 years nemodeveloper add a structure in the module_example, see ticket #672
dev_1784_WEEK 2059   11 years cbricaud add modifications to have the possibility to read weekly files with …
dev_1784_PATM 2141   11 years cbricaud add module to read atmospheric pressure and module to compute surface …
dev_1784_OBS 2181   11 years djlea Update namelist for OBS and ASM code
dev_1784_EVP 2155   11 years cbricaud link limrhg.F90 ( from LIM_SRC_3) in LIM_SRC_2 for LIM2_EVP
dev_1784_ASM 2183   11 years djlea Reverting a change to the NEMO book
dev_005_AWL 1804   12 years sga merge of trunk changes from r1782 to r1802 into NEMO branch dev_005_AWL
dev_001_GM 955   14 years cetlod phasing the OFFLINE module to the new version of NEMO, see ticket 146
CMIP5_IPSL 1952   11 years mafoipsl Incorporation of ticket #682: bug in diaar5 in CMIP5_IPSL branch.
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