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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
branches – NEMO

source: branches @ 4523

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
2011 4485   10 years trackstand2 Undo early setting of mbkmax because not needed for halo swaps anymore
2012 4510   10 years cetlod v3.4 stable: bugfix in trdmld_trc.F90, see ticket #1246
2013 4523   10 years cetlod Removed the non-default CPP key key_nosignedzero : bad performances …
CMIP5_IPSL 3794   11 years gm CMIP_IPSL branch: #960 : correct bug in trdmld & trdmld_trc (time step …
dev_001_GM 955   16 years cetlod phasing the OFFLINE module to the new version of NEMO, see ticket 146
dev_005_AWL 1804   14 years sga merge of trunk changes from r1782 to r1802 into NEMO branch dev_005_AWL
dev_1784_doc 2284   14 years djlea Add draft documentation for OBS and ASM code
DEV_1879_mpp_rep 2003   14 years rblod Add missing module for mpp reproducibility, see ticket #677
DEV_1879_mpp_sca 1926   14 years acc First implementation of mpp scalability modifications …
dev_2802_OBStools 3069   13 years djlea Update OBS and ASM documentation. Small updates and fixes to dataplot.
DEV_r1784_mid_year_merge_2010 2006   14 years acc ticket #684 step 9a: Code fixes to achieve first successful compilation of …
dev_r1821_sbccpl_icecat 2063   14 years charris First set of changes in prepration for multi-category ice fields, see …
DEV_r1837_mass_heat_salt_fluxes 1859   14 years gm ticket:#665 step 2 & 3: heat content in qns & new forcing terms
DEV_r1837_MLF 2112   14 years mlelod ticket: #663 introduce dia_hsb_init routine (called by opa_init)
DEV_r1879_FCM 2292   14 years smasson update DEV_r1879_FCM for additional tests…
DEV_r1924_visbeck 2176   14 years sga NEMO branch DEV_r1924_visbeck. Add code to be cut from branch …
DEV_r1986_BDY_updates 2168   14 years rblod Cosmetic changes on BDY branch
DEV_r2006_merge_TRA_TRC 2194   14 years cetlod ensure restartability of PISCES
DEV_r2106_LOCEAN2010 2240   14 years cetlod Suppression of key_zco everywhere in the code
dev_r2174_DCY 2216   14 years smasson diurnal cycle in coupled mode in dev_r2174_DCY, see ticket:730
DEV_r2460_v3_3beta_NOL 2462   14 years acc DEV_r2460_v3_3beta_NOL. Changes to v3.3beta to improve assignment of ocean …
dev_r2586_dynamic_mem 2721   13 years rblod Correct bug in obcdta for nemo_v3_3, see ticket #809
dev_r4028_CNRS_LIM3_MV2014 4506   10 years vancop [Heat conservation in LIM3, part HC1 (LIM_SRC_3_HC17)]
libIGCM 1733   15 years flavoni updated namelist (like in trunk ORCA2_LIM; use integer in calendar, see …
nemo_v3_3_beta 2520   14 years rblod Add in core documentation for compilation scripts
TAM_V3_0 2587   13 years vidard refer to ticket #798
TAM_V3_2_2 2579   13 years rblod Correct TAM_V3_2_2
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