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arch-X64_MOBILIS.fcm in trunk/NEMOGCM/ARCH – NEMO

source: trunk/NEMOGCM/ARCH/arch-X64_MOBILIS.fcm @ 6152

Last change on this file since 6152 was 6152, checked in by acc, 8 years ago

Add wetting and drying option from dev_r5803_NOC_WAD branch. Logically isolated code changes in domvvl.F90, domzgr.F90, dynhpg.F90, dynspg_ts.F90, sshwzv.F90 and nemogcm.F90. New module wet_dry.F90 in DYN. Fully SETTE tested with code deactivated (ln_wad=.false.). No test case yet available to justify activating option (still under development)

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1# Mobilis - ClusterVision X86_64 cluster at NOCS
3# Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
4#   1) gcc/4.8.1                               
5#   2) intel/compiler/64/14.0/2013_sp1.1.106
6#   3) openmpi/intel/64/1.6.5
8# NCDF_HOME   root directory containing lib and include subdirectories for netcdf4
9# HDF5_HOME   root directory containing lib and include subdirectories for HDF5
10# XIOS_HOME   root directory containing lib for XIOS
11# OASIS_HOME  root directory containing lib for OASIS
13# NCDF_INC    netcdf4 include file
14# NCDF_LIB    netcdf4 library
15# XIOS_INC    xios include file    (taken into accound only if key_iomput is activated)
16# XIOS_LIB    xios library         (taken into accound only if key_iomput is activated)
17# OASIS_INC   oasis include file   (taken into accound only if key_oasis3 is activated)
18# OASIS_LIB   oasis library        (taken into accound only if key_oasis3 is activated)
20# FC          Fortran compiler command
21# FCFLAGS     Fortran compiler flags
22# FFLAGS      Fortran 77 compiler flags
23# LD          linker
24# LDFLAGS     linker flags, e.g. -L<lib dir> if you have libraries
25# FPPFLAGS    pre-processing flags
26# AR          assembler
27# ARFLAGS     assembler flags
28# MK          make
29# USER_INC    complete list of include files
30# USER_LIB    complete list of libraries to pass to the linker
31# CC          C compiler used to compile conv for AGRIF
32# CFLAGS      compiler flags used with CC
34# Note that:
35#  - unix variables "$..." are accpeted and will be evaluated before calling fcm.
36#  - fcm variables are starting with a % (and not a $)
38%NCDF_HOME           /home/acc/shared
39%HDF5_HOME           /home/acc/shared
40%XIOS_HOME           /home/acc/XIOS_1.0_r803
43%NCDF_INC            -I%NCDF_HOME/include
44%NCDF_LIB            -L%NCDF_HOME/lib -lnetcdf -lnetcdff -lnetcdf -L%HDF5_HOME/lib -lhdf5_hl -lhdf5 -lhdf5 -lcurl
45%XIOS_INC            -I%XIOS_HOME/inc
46%XIOS_LIB            -L%XIOS_HOME/lib -lxios
50%CPP               cpp
51%FC                  mpif90 -c -cpp
52%FCFLAGS             -i4 -r8 -O3 -fp-model source -xAVX
53%FFLAGS              %FCFLAGS
54%LD                  mpif90
55%LDFLAGS             -lstdc++
56%FPPFLAGS            -P -C -traditional
57%AR                  ar
58%ARFLAGS             rs
59%MK                  gmake
63%CC                  icc
64%CFLAGS              -O0
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